Showtime makes its entire library available for offline viewing on cellular devices

Showtime will now permit subscribers to download its programming for offline viewing on mobile gadgets – following comparable actions by means of Netflix and Amazon. The network says its whole library could be supported, such as the entire seasons of its pinnacle indicates like Homeland, Billions, Ray Donovan, Shameless, The Affair, Weeds, Dexter, and others. Showtime

The new feature may be supported both on its Showtime app for authenticated pay TV subscribers in addition to on its standalone streaming service. The streaming carrier is $10.Ninety-nine in line with the month and does now not require a pay TV subscription.

Similar to Netflix and Amazon’s in advance bulletins, the intention with offering downloads is to permit offline viewing – something that’s mainly useful when visiting, or when you’re in a place where a mobile signal or net connection isn’t always with no trouble available or is weak. Air tour is a primary use case, as planes might also or won’t provide Wi-Fi – and when they do, they tend to charge for it and typically restriction streaming services because of the bandwidth required.

Offline viewing can also enchantment to commuters, who don’t have to get right to entry to a signal whilst on underground trains, plus those traveling thru greater rural or isolated regions where signals are weaker, or those traveling out of doors us of a, in which facts are a challenge.

The new feature may be supported on all major cell structures, Showtime says, including iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android (telephones and capsules) and Amazon Fire drugs.



To download the content, subscribers will first want to replace their apps to the brand new versions, then tap the “download” button that looks on a program’s detail page.

Additionally, cell users can be able to select their video first-rate for these downloads, which may be beneficial in phrases of garage area issues. At release, phone users can choose from the general definition (540p) or excessive definition (720p), at the same time as tablet users will have the additional choice of the better definition of 1080p.cellular devices

Once the download begins, you could straight away begin watching, even though the down load hasn’t completed. Later, when viewing the remainder of the show offline, it will choose up wherein you left off previously.

All the downloads are to be had in the apps by using tapping on the brand new “Download List” icon from the top navigation bar.

The benefit to Showtime’s implementation is that its complete library is available for download at launch, inclusive of its own shows, in addition to documentaries, sports activities, and movies. This ends in a much less complicated enjoy for customers, in comparison with Netflix and Amazon’s services.

Because of their large catalogs and complex rights deals with content material owners, Netflix and Amazon handiest been capable of enabling a number of their programming for download – in large part, it’s their very own unique programming that’s available these days. It’s amazing, of the path, to have the choice to down load content in any respect on those services, however, it could be confusing for customers who don’t apprehend why the download choice seems in a few places, however not others.

The addition additionally puts Showtime beforehand of rival premium community HBO, which nowadays does no longer provide downloads on both the HBO GO or HBO NOW utility.

Showtime’s download feature is live starting nowadays, after first updating the Showtime or Showtime Anytime cellular apps.
Netflix provides offline viewing for smartphones and drugs
Netflix has subsequently added on some thing users have been inquiring for basically because it first arrived; offline playback. The streaming media corporation announced that users can be capable of down load choose Netflix content to be used at the same time as they’re away from a facts connection beginning Wednesday.
Netflix has brought a “download” button for choose movies and TV suggests and plans to add extra to the catalog of available titles in the future. Netflix is understandably starting with its authentic content material, given the less difficult licensing arrangements involved, with a release slate for the feature that consists of Orange is The New Black, Narcos and The Crown available for offline playback thru down load.

A brief survey of the up to date app indicates a variety of content material, both original and first-birthday party, to be had to view offline. It’ll range region-to-region, however, there must be lots to get you began to your trip or lengthy-haul flight. You can also pick from two exclusive fine options, depending on whether or not you need to prioritize video pleasant or device storage area.