Freelance Writers: How to Write for Mobile Devices – The Basics

I’m the oldest of 3 women. I even have one sister who’s 17 months more youthful than me, and some other who is almost 15 years younger. My youngest sister LIVES on her iPhone, while I do not actually have one.

George Clooney’s iPhone?Mobile Devices

Yeah, it’s 2013 and I nevertheless do not have an iPhone and am in no precise hurry to get one. I’m now not a smartphone man or woman – never have been; and seemingly, I’m not by myself.

I study someplace these days that George Clooney would not actually have a cell telephone, by no means mind an iPhone, so I experience like I’m in cool corporation (despite the fact that he in reality has an army of people who cope with his enterprise so he doesn’t even want a smartphone).

Anyhoo, I majorly digress… Returned to a way to write for cellular devices.



My younger sister assessments electronic mail, surfs the net, watches films or even her preferred TV indicates every so often on her iPhone.

As a web creator who focuses on search engine-optimized content, I do have to live up on the basics of all forms of on-line generation, so recognise a bit about it. FYI, the idea for this submit came from a fellow search engine marketing author who commented on a post I did on my search engine optimization writing blog about this. She wrote:

I use my telephone to do searches all the time – particularly earlier than making a buying selection while in a shop. What I would really like to recognise extra approximately this is how does it change the way I want to do writing for web sites. Are there writers who write mainstream websites and write distinct copy for the cell model?
Following are a number of the guidelines I gave her.

Writing for Mobile Devices: 6 Basic Tips

(I) Keep paragraphs short: Remember, it’s a telephone and even though the monitors are getting bigger, it is no longer a tablet or pc or computer. It’s still a telephone (ie, small display).

(II) Make the headline be counted: This is critical because maximum phone customers scan text (kinda like surfers on the net sincerely). Also, they’re normally doing different stuff whilst they are on their cellular devices, eg, going through riding (sucks, however it is authentic). The factor is, the attention span of the user is a lot shorter than studying on a pc, for instance.

(III) Use simple language: Use short sentences with clean-to-recognize language so the surfer can get the meaning of what you are attempting to mention quickly and without difficulty. This isn’t any time to showcase your significant hold close of the English (or Spanish, or German or Chinese, and so on. Language).

(IV) Make your factor quickly: This piggybacks on the final point. Remember, mobile device customers are commonly looking for particular information about a particular issue and they need it like — RIGHT NOW.

(V) Keep paragraphs short: The purpose is, it could be a huge turn off trying to examine huge chunks of text on a tiny display. So placing textual content on more than one pages or making paragraphs shorter make it extra appealing – and easier to examine.

(VI) Use long-tail keywords as hyperlinks: Again, the display on a phone isn’t small, so looking to click/faucet a one-phrase link is much tougher than clicking on a four or 5-word link. This is where the usage of lengthy-tail keywords certainly comes in reachable – specially from a search attitude.

Writing for Mobile Devices Similar to Writing for the Web?

A lot of it’s miles similar to the guidelines you ought to be following whilst you write copy for the net. But, I’d argue that you have to be even MORE conscious of following those suggestions while writing for cell devices honestly because the eye spans are even shorter and those are “at the pass” and need what they are searching out without delay.

Writing for Mobile Devices: Why It’s a Growing Freelance Writing NicheWrite

Mobile era, eg, iPads, iPhones, tablets, and so on. Is developing rapidly. Proof? The 2012 article, Making cell higher: Mobile computing devices may additionally overtake non-public laptop for net use in 2013, on Science Daily made the subsequent prediction: “Mobile computing gadgets will probably overtake the non-public laptop because the most not unusual approach for gaining access to the Internet worldwide someday in 2013.”

I individually understand of one freelance writer who focuses on this niche – and she or he says she’s busier than ever. She gets a variety of her paintings thru referral and bloodless calling corporations, so I’m certain there are others. Mobile device technology is developing like loopy, and I’m sure many enterprising copywriters may be jumping into this freelance writing niche.