How to Find and Install a Blogger Template

While Blogspot’s default topics are exceptional enough, maximum bloggers might, as a substitute, personalize their blogs to constitute what they are running a blog about correctly. Fortunately, the Blogger manage panel offers a manner to speedy install Blogger templates.

Finding a Blogger Template


Many internet websites offer loose or paid templates for Blogspot debts. Performing a search for “blogger templates” will turn up hundreds of web websites that you could browse to discover a template.

Blogger templates normally come within the shape of XML documents. Sites that provide Blogger templates generally have a download link to help you shop the template on your laptop. After you’ve got saved the template XML document, putting in a Blogger template involves following those steps:

1) log in to your Blogger account. If you don’t but have a Blogger account, you may need to create one. Blogger bills are loose, and simplest require an electronic mail address to get started.

2) Click on the “Layout” hyperlink corresponding to the weblog for which you need to install a new template.

3) From the Layout tab, click on the “Edit HTML” hyperlink. This will take you to the display screen that permits you to add the XML report from your pc representing the Blogger template you are putting in.

4) Click on the “Browse” button at the pinnacle of the page. Using the browse window, discover the XML record for your new template. Select the XML document, and click on “Open.” The browse window will appear near. Now click on “Upload” to install your new template.

5) If your new template becomes installed without any troubles, you’ll see a message that announces, “Your modifications were shopped.” Followed by way of a hyperlink to view your up-to-date blog. Click at the link to confirm that your new template operates in the manner you count on it too.


How to Install a New Blogger Template Easily

Installing a brand new Blogger Template is a smooth undertaking, and it can be completed in only a few mins.

Blogger templates are in XML layout and in contrast to WordPress Themes, which are in PHP. A Blogger template is an XML file in evaluation to a WordPress subject consisting of picture folders, function folders, and numerous PHP documents.

You do not need an FTP or Cpanel to switch the XML file because you may do the switch for your Blogger Dashboard.

To set up a new template, log in to your Blogger account at blogger.Com.

Click on Layout =>Edit HTML.

There are alternatives on the Edit HTML web page to install your new template. You can either upload from a location on your pc or really reproduction the XML code and paste it inside the Edit HTML box. The upload choice is recommended.

Backup your energetic template before intending with the aid of clicking on Download Template. If anything is going incorrect along with your new template installation, you could, without difficulty, retrieve your preceding template.


Click on browse in and locate the stored new template, then add. Blogger may additionally spark off you that one or extra widgets may be lost in case you proceed with the setup. Proceed besides. Click on the shop on the end of the Edit HTML container or Preview to preview the template before completing the setup. The brand new blogger topic will replace the previous template, and it may be considered in your blog immediately.

To edit the template and add new widgets or gadgets, go to Layout=>Page Elements.

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