Top Tips on How to Set Up, Organise and Promote a Virtual Blog Tour For a New Book Or Author

When I organise a book launch campaign for my creator customers, I constantly consist of a Virtual Blog Tour. Every time I start a brand new campaign I am continually asked, each by my customers and through their Joint Venture Partners (JVPs), “What exactly is a Virtual Blog Tour?” I concept it would be a great concept to put in writing an article explaining what it’s miles, and why it’s far a super promotional device whilst nicely organised.

What is a VBT? Virtual

A Virtual Blog Tour (VBT) is an internet “event” in which an creator “visits” a different blog every day for the duration of a precise time period, generally 2-four weeks in duration. For instance, if your VBT had been 2 weeks lengthy, there might be 14 blogs, and each blogger might be assigned a particular day at the excursion. In selecting blogs on which to appear, the writer could are seeking out bloggers who have desirable traffic geared toward unique audience(s) congruent with the topic of the book.

Technically, the author would not “go to” these blogs. Rather, at the assigned excursion day, the blogger could submit a weblog about the writer’s book. Some weblog platforms (such as WordPress) assist you to schedule a publish earlier, making it more convenient for the blogger via automating the system.

The content of the blog will be a piece of writing about the author, a e book overview or an interview. When I organise a VBT, I usually prefer to use interviews, which are organised in advance between the blogger and writer.

Organising a VBT

The way I organise the interview is to offer a good choice (10-20) of sample topics or tale angles on which the author may want to answer questions. Then, each blogger presents (properly earlier) three original questions he/she would love to ask the writer, aimed toward their unique reading target market.



Recently I designed a VBT for a e book on the topic of OCD. Here are some of the pattern subjects I supplied my bloggers:

What OCD is and what it is not
What doctors realize or don’t know about OCD
What mother and father want to recognize about OCD
What instructors need to know approximately OCD
Being a discern with OCD
OCD in non-public relationships
Having OCD in a piece surroundings
OCD and health problems…
And so on.
When I send the pattern topics to the VBT bloggers, I ask them to formulate 3 questions primarily based upon a subject (or topics) they experience would be of greatest hobby to their readers. The questions are sent to the author numerous weeks in advance of the excursion. The author affords written answers to the bloggers’ questions, and together we gather the “digital interview” into a structured layout, so the bloggers can greater or much less reproduction and paste it into their blogs (of direction, they could edit it as they pick).

The layout we offer the bloggers is going something like this:

“Today I even have the exquisite pride of being the host on Day 4 of the Virtual Blog Tour for The Super Duper Book by author Mary Jones. Yesterday, Mary visited John Smith’s weblog at [link to John’s blog]. Below is the extraordinary interview I did with Mary approximately how to be superb-duper.

I wish you enjoyed this interview with Mary Jones and that you may check out The Super Duper Book by means of Mary Jones coming to Amazon on [date]. You can get hold of a set of extraordinary presents whilst you purchase her ebook on the day of her launch, together with one from me: [name of blogger’s gift]. To discover how to buy Mary’s book and get hold of those gifts, go to [link to author’s sales page].

Be positive to comply with Mary tomorrow whilst the next prevent on her Virtual Blog Tour is Charlie Brown’s weblog at [link to Charlie’s blog].”

Promoting a VBT
When I organise a VBT, I create a “Tweet” for every prevent at the tour, and deliver them to all bloggers and JVPs nicely in advance, asking them to put up at the least one update in keeping with blogger. That approach, on their designated day on the tour, dozens of human beings might be sending out updates with a hyperlink to Mary’s weblog put up to doubtlessly loads of hundreds of people on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and so forth. (relying upon the dimensions of your campaign team).

Additionally, the author would publish the excursion calendar, with all of the hyperlinks, on his/her own blog.

Being a blogger on a VBT has many benefits:Organise

It offers bloggers with clean, original content material for their readers.
Because an organised team of networkers is sending out updates for each forestall on the excursion, it has the ability to pressure thousands of new readers to every blog.
It allows boom search engine ratings for the blogs, as the weblog is connected to, both forwards and backwards, the opposite blogs at the excursion.
Bloggers at the tour get to connect with new bloggers who proportion not unusual interests and communicate to similar audiences.
Of direction, for authors, a VBT is wonderful due to the fact:
There is a range of content material going out approximately their ebook for the duration of a focused time frame.
The content material is simple to create.
It expands their community.
They get their e book promoted to hundreds of humans every day during the tour.
The content material you’ve got created will be reused for different functions.
And recollect, if a weblog submit is especially interesting, both the writer and the blogger can “reTweet” about it sometimes after the excursion is over.
I hope you observed this facts beneficial. Please do feel free to go away your questions or remarks underneath, or to contact me at once for statistics about putting in or participating in a Virtual Blog Tour.

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