Searching for ‘Florida Man’ is the present day internet fad

ORLANDO: A new undertaking making waves on social media pokes fun at Florida’s recognition for generating odd news testimonies involving weapons, drugs, booze, and reptiles — or some mixture of the 4. The venture invitations individuals to run their birthday and “Florida guy” through a search engine to discover which headline pops up. Then they have to put up the result on social media. The “Florida Man” idea crept into the nation’s awareness with the @_FloridaMan Twitter account in 2013. The account, with the tagline “Real-life tales of the arena’s worst superhero,” has been home to current headlines together with “Florida Man Fire Bombs Garage That Impounded His Car, Hits His Vehicle” and “Florida Man Tried to Pay for McDonald’s With Weed.” The much less commonplace, however no less noteworthy, “Florida Woman” subgenre has produced headlines consisting of “A Florida lady changed into arrested and charged with an irritated attack without a motive to kill after she reportedly ‘farted loudly’ in a Dollar Store after which pulled a knife on a man who complained.”

Searching for ‘Florida Man’ is the present day internet fad 47

“Once, it appeared as although all the bizarre people and testimonies got here from California. But during the last decade, it shifted to Florida,” said Jim Clark, a lecturer in the University of Central Florida’s records branch. “Now, when I see a bizarre tale, I am amazed while it isn’t always from Florida.” An aggregate of factors facilitates Florida beginning these astounding tales. For starters, it’s the kingdom’s 1/3 biggest nation, with extra than 20 million residents and a random pattern of any populace that big is assured of producing its share of the outrageous. Florida is likewise blessed with a liberal public records law that permits those stories to floor into plain view with little resistance or problem approximately taste. And then there’s the combination of subtropical temperatures, palm timber, and endless blue skies that appears to encourage some human beings to shed all inhibitions.

Thanks to Florida’s strong public facts legal guidelines, it’s clean for reporters to get their hands on police incident reviews and churn out attention-grabbing testimonies. Under the proper circumstances, couldn’t we be tempted to follow in the footsteps of “Naked Florida man discovered on video sneaking into a restaurant and munching on ramen”? Share to Twitter Download The Times of India News App for Latest World News.

WASHINGTON: President Donald Trump claimed vindication after almost two years of unrelenting research on Sunday, seeing “entire and total exoneration” within the Justice Department’s account of special counsel Robert Mueller’s findings and signaling he changed into keen to move on offense inside the political fight ahead. A buoyant Trump reacted to the discharge of Mueller’s main findings with a combination of a birthday party, private complaint, and required political retribution. He solid the research as politically encouraged and lamented the probe’s toll on us of a and him. “It became simply introduced there has been no collusion with Russia,” Trump stated in brief feedback to reporters. “It’s a shame that our u. S.

I had to go through this. To be sincere, it is a disgrace that your president has had to go through this.” Trump spoke quickly after the justice branch released a letter pronouncing unique recommend Robert Mueller’s research did no longer discover proof that Trump’s marketing campaign “conspired or coordinated” with Russia to persuade the 2016 presidential election. The 4-page precis through Attorney General William Barr was less definitive at the query of whether or not Trump obstructed the probe. Mueller’s document “does now not exonerate” on that trouble and instead “sets out the evidence on each aspect of the query, “Barr wrote. Barr, however, said he discovered inadequate proof of a criminal offense on the problem.

Trump and his aides did not let that difference between Mueller’s findings and Barr’s determination save them from asserting victory. Speaking to journalists before boarding Air Force One, Trump was clear he became equipped to combat returned towards Democrats who have said they intend to apply Mueller’s report as an avenue map for similar research into Trump and his inner circle. “This becomes an unlawful takedown that failed,” he stated, repeating his unproven claims that the research changed into launched by way of humans trying to undermine his presidency after being devastated via Democrat Hillary Clinton’s loss. Trump’s victory lap came after he stored a low profile over the weekend at his non-public membership in Palm Beach, Florida. White House spokesman Hogan Gidley said Trump was briefed on Barr’s letter in his residence using workers’ and attorneys’ bodies. Gidley stated Trump’s reaction become short. “This is excellent,” he stated, in line with Gidley. The White House, like lawmakers on Capitol Hill, has yet to peer the overall account with the aid of the unique suggestion.

Trump become visibly successful by the point he arrived at the White House Sunday night. He pumped his fists at a collection of supporters and informed journalists, “I want to tell you, America is the finest place on Earth. The greatest place on Earth.” Meanwhile, the president’s aides breathed a collective sigh of the remedy upon studying the description of Mueller’s findings. Even if not ensnared in the probe, many have confronted public complaints and professional danger because the research lingered. Trump’s victory lap got here after he stored a low profile over the weekend, heeding the recommendation of his lawyers, who warned him in opposition to tweeting approximately the probe before info had been launched.

Trump spent Sunday golfing with Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., former Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., and his acting chief of the workforce, Mick Mulvaney, additionally a former South Carolina congressman, according to a White House reliable, as aides sought to hold the president busy throughout the tumultuous weekend. A large p.C. Of aides than ordinary such as press secretary Sarah Sanders traveled with Trump to Mar-a-Lago to manipulate any fallout. Trump become briefed on what his supporters might say on television at some point of the weekend; aides were hoping the president might live quiet if he felt his messages have been getting out even though he wasn’t delivering them himself.

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