Family Time Should Not Include Video Games

As the mother of two little boys and the dressmaker and manufacturer of a line of games, toys, and parenting gear, I even have a unique attitude toward kid’s toys, video games, and products. I also have attended Toy Fair each year in New York in which all of the new toys are delivered to the trade before they hit the shops.


I am a pro toy. I love innovative board games, building blocks, puppets, books, puzzles, technology tasks, sports gadgets, and crafts. I am seeking toys, products, and video games that interact, undertake, teach, inspire movement, and be fun. I specifically love toys that inspire family time. And am thrilled when a birthday invitation arrives, and I get to take my children to a toy store to buy a gift.

Unlike the common layman or woman who strolls the toy aisles with the informal hobby, I painstakingly look at every shelf, taking detailed notes approximately the designs, age appropriateness, high-quality packaging, attention to detail, and usual toy idea. “What is the markup on this item?” “Did the manufacturer have an inspector within the production plant assuring using safe products?” “How a lot of harm is this wasteful packaging going to do to the planet in my toddler’s lifetime?” “What form of a success is that this toymaker going to take when smart and considerate moms and dads say, ‘No Way!’ to this doll that looks as if a prostitute?”

I ask myself questions with my mom hat on, “Would a baby become bored after 15 minutes and leave this toy discarded at the circle of relatives room ground?” and “How many portions will get sucked up within the vacuum, roll beneath the couch, get eaten using the canine, or get flushed down the potty even as dinner is being organized?… Will, it’s amusing for mothers and fathers to play too?”

I make it a factor to get children’s views on toys. I train Tae Kwon Do to a wide variety of youngsters and interrogate them approximately their varying pursuits after magnificence. I volunteer in my six-year vintage child’s schoolroom very often. I have in-intensity discussions with the kids approximately what they revel in doing and gambling with, and I get down on the ground and play with my three-year-old and his buddies and watch them satisfaction over things that roll.


An ordinary subject repeats itself time and again to me, “Will you play with me?” “Watch me do this!” “Mom, check this out, take a look at this out!” “Do you want me to make one for you?” “I am going to dress up as a pirate; are you able to dress up as Wonder Woman!” The resounding topic is: be with me, play with me, connect with me, and percentage yourself with me!

As I listen to the welcoming and blissful invitations to play from the numerous kids I even have the honor and privilege of being around, I’m afraid I have to disagree with the rotten alternatives we’re given in retail stores juvenile merchandise.

Of all of the picks, I find video games to be the most rotten and scary. Children are begging us to provide them our time and attention, and we are handing them insipid tech toys that isolate them from us, their siblings, and their peers. As if it were not terrible enough to immobilize a child in front of the tv or pc at home for hour after hour, manufacturers have scaled the devices down so that youngsters can play video games in the car, as opposed to speaking with us; play video games at the playground, as opposed to striking on the monkey bars; or even play video games at the dinner table, in preference to ingesting with the circle of relatives.

Video games, computer games, DVD players, and iPods discourage face-to-face interaction, requiring the consumer to stare sedately at a display screen or music human beings out with earphones. These gadgets also discourage creativity, imagination, and pastime. We have all heard the horrifying reports of growing youth obesity, high LDL cholesterol, and diabetes; however, we keep providing toy choices that limit mobility.

There isn’t a lack of innovative toy layout. Many wildly smart toy designers parent ingenuity, originality, and inventiveness into their products. The hassle is a loss of interest from the loads. When provided interesting picks, small toy shops have been pushed out using the substantial container stores that can provide toys at lower charges due to their huge length. The risk is just too high for most independent manufacturers to promote to the field stores. For example, if a container keeps orders a large quantity, 100,000 units perhaps, and those units don’t promote, the small producer is frequently required to shop to lower back the stock and maybe be bankrupted with one horrible cellphone name. The result: children get narrow pickings. Video games promote, so stores provide more video games increasingly.

With envy, I even have watched children burst out of lecture rooms into the daylight and run screaming onto the playground, determined to blow off their pent-up energy. I attempt to don’t forget what it seems like to need to run till I crumple. It has been my satisfaction to work aspect via facet with youngsters for hours as they enthusiastically discover ways to tie-dye t-shirts, make soap, knead a dough, construct towns with blocks, and kick or punch through boards. I wonder at their innovative energy, their willingness to tackle new matters, and their social ease and intelligence. After years of teaching youngsters, I actually have by no means had a single child say to me, “I assume that rather than cracking these eggs into this cake batter we’re making collectively, I might as a substitute play an online game, alone, in my room.”


After looking at children playing merrily at the playground or grinning from ear to ear as they run all day on a beach, how ought to any parent choose to as a substitute take a seat their kids in the front of a television for hours of passive, inactive, button-pushing. If I have been a kid and knew the whole lot that I understand now, I would riot.

I bet it’s miles our process, as caring, loving parents, to insurrection for them.

John R. Wright
Social media ninja. Freelance web trailblazer. Extreme problem solver. Music fanatic. Spent several months marketing pubic lice in the financial sector. Spent 2002-2008 supervising the production of ice cream in Africa. Had some great experience developing robotic shrimp in the aftermarket. Spent several years getting my feet wet with puppets in Miami, FL. Was quite successful at supervising the production of corncob pipes worldwide. What gets me going now is working with electric trains in Mexico.