5 Sure-Fire Tips for Buying a New Computer

So you are thinking of buying a brand new laptop…

Where do you begin? There are many manufacturers and fashions of computer systems available, and it can all be a touch overwhelming while you start to go searching.


How do deciding what type of pc you want? And perhaps more importantly, how do you make a decision what the fine price is?

I have sold computers professionally for almost twenty years, and there are certain “hints of the alternate” that maximum laptop shops and salespeople use. Knowing these secrets and techniques could make your choice less difficult and help you buy the proper pc for your needs.

1. Buy What You Need, Maybe a Little More

One of the most crucial things you could do whilst shop for a new pc is listing the matters that you may be using it for. There are such a lot of specific models – with different capabilities – that you could, without problems, purchase greater or much less than you really want in case you do not.


If this is your first laptop, this may be a little tougher. Until you have used a laptop, it isn’t easy to realize precisely what you would possibly need to do with it past the apparent, like connecting to the internet.

Regardless, it would help if you reflect on consideration on some of the matters you might need to do. Some opportunities consist of:

Some of this stuff needs extra energy than others. For example, connecting to the net truely doesn’t need a lot of electricity. Even the maximum primary computer available will probably work just first-rate.

Digital video and lots of video games want lots greater power. If you do not get a quick enough computer with enough memory, you may be upset with the performance.

Knowing what you will be using your laptop for will help your shop clerk, whether they are on the cellphone, the internet, or standing in front of you, suggest the excellent device in your desires.

As a widespread rule, you’re continually higher off shopping for extra power than you want in preference to much less, but buying an excessive amount can be a waste of cash.

2. Warranty Considerations

Computer warranties are one of the most difficult and obscure components of your purchase. Most producers have cut returned on their customer support to the factor wherein terrible carrier has to turn out to be a given.

The three most not unusual alternatives are onsite, deliver-in, or producer’s depot service.

The onsite carrier may be helpful; however, consider whether or not you need to be had for a technician to come back and diagnose your computer and likely ought to come again with parts at once more.

Carry-in provider is a superb choice; however, find out whether the carrier center is a manufacturing facility authorized for assurance repairs and whether or not the technicians are all certified.

Shipping your pc to a manufacturing facility service middle can take a long term – on occasion, some of the weeks. It also creates a chance that your computer may be broken or even misplaced in delivery. In a few instances, the manufacturer will also replace your pc with any other unit and ship it again to you in place of repairing it. This can result in your losing any information that comes to your machine and reload all your software programs.

Another element of the warranty to find out approximately is technical aid. Find out if the pc producer offers a toll-loose telephone quantity and the provider’s satisfaction.

The better laptop salespeople will be honest about this and inform you if an organization’s service leaves something desired. You also can do some studies on the internet – maximum of the computer magazines like PC Magazine and PC World have annual customer support comparisons that price the bigger computer organizations.

Always find out how the assurance is handled before making your selection. Even if it would not affect your desire, understanding what to anticipate if something does move incorrectly will store some nasty surprises down the street.

3. Can You Negotiate the Price Down?

A laptop is fantastically massive funding – anywhere from a few hundred to 3 thousand dollars. Many computer consumers count on a sizeable quantity of “wiggle room” at a price.

The fact is that maximum pc hardware – the bodily portions like the computer, reveal, and printer – is offered at shallow earnings margins. Often, pc systems are even offered at or below the provider value. When you are buying a computer, it never hurts to ask for a higher deal, but don’t be surprised if you best get some bucks off, if something.

Over the near twenty years, I’ve offered computer systems, and I watched the income margins cross from over forty% to much less than 5%. It’s nearly embarrassing to provide a $20 bargain on a $2500 laptop system; however, that would suggest the distinction between making and losing cash on the sale.

What you could do to get an excellent price is to perform a little evaluation purchasing. Most pc stores offer charge-matching guarantees, so if you discover your laptop for much less at another shop, maximum dealers will shape or beat that fee; even supposing it approaches, they lose money.

4. How Do Computer Stores Make Any Money?

You might be wondering how those computer shops make any money if they’re selling pc for thus little earnings.

Their money is made on upload-on objects. The highest profit regions in most pc shops are cables and “consumable” products inclusive of printer ink and paper.

Printer ink is a huge cash-maker for most laptop stores (even greater for printer manufacturers). Why is that this? Once you’ve sold a printer, you will update your ink at some point and continue to update it as it runs out.

Most chain computer stores and workplace supply shops that carry a big selection of ink cartridges make greater ink than they do from the computer systems themselves.

Cables also have large markups. A cable that charges the store $2-3 will regularly sell for $20-30. That’s ten instances their cost!

If you’re buying a new pc, you will likely need to shop for a few cables. Some items – printers, as an instance – do not often include the cables had to hook them up.

Many printers additionally come with “starter” ink cartridges that are simplest half of-complete. You may additionally need to pick out up some extra ink cartridges.

This is wherein you ought to be able to negotiate a higher charge. Please don’t assume the salesclerk to throw them in for nothing, but they must be willing to offer you a better price. After all, if you’re glad about their service, you may continue to shop for your ink, paper, and different merchandise from that shop in the future.

5. What Software is Included?

The closing secret of buying a new laptop has to do with the software this is blanketed. Most new computer structures consist of quite some applications, and now and then, the software’s cost can be pretty high.

Something to observe out for whilst looking for the included software is “trial variations” or “restrained versions.”

Many preloaded applications are both crippled variations that do not have all the features of the full software, or trial versions a good way to most effectively run for a positive amount of time earlier than they expire.

The computer is frequently bought with trial versions of the following forms of software:

  • antivirus
  • firewall
  • MS Office or other office suites
  • Accounting – each enterprise and private

The laptop producers commonly don’t make it easy to inform whether the software program on their structures is trial versions or restricted versions. This is a query that you must mainly ask if you can’t find the answer in their promotional records.

If you are shopping for a new laptop with trial versions of the software, remember that you will want to pay to hold using it after the trial period is over. This is a brought value that you need to consider as a part of your standard finances.

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