Nevada DHHS Releases Updated Transparency Draft Reporting Templates

Last week, the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) released updated drug transparency draft reporting templates and instructions for drug manufacturers, pharmaceutical representatives, and pharmacy gain managers.
Some of the bureaucracy included in the launch are templates for reimbursement and samples reporting; drug producer essential drug reporting; drug producer charge increase reporting; PBM reporting; and new drug manufacturer registration.


Also included within the release are commands on how to finish the above-named bureaucracy, as well as for instructions on new drug manufacturer registration and pharmaceutical representative registration.
Nevada DHHS is soliciting for fascinated entities to check the drafts and provide comments or recommendations to DHHS earlier than the documents are finalized. Comments are due through August 14, 2019, to [email protected] Updated templates and instructions could be posted on-line on or before August 16, 2019.
According to Scott Jones, the manager of the Primary Care and Health Workforce Development Office (PCHWDO) inside DHHS, notes that DHHS has evolved an up to date machine and procedure for pharmaceutical representative registration. DHHS is predicted to start rolling out the up to date template individually with every manufacturer in the upcoming months. Each template might be custom designed to every manufacturer and will make the registration manner more efficient.