WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems utilized today.

 In fact, most websites you see are likely to be using the WordPress platform, no matter which web hosting and domain registrar company they use. It is certainly one of the easiest systems to use when starting a website. But, more importantly, it is because WordPress is SEO-friendly. However, it would not hurt to use tools to help boost your page even further. For this, you will need you can install it via the WordPress dashboard. In this article, we are featuring four of the best plugins you can use to maximize your WordPress website’s benefits.systems

Web hosting companies like Crazy Domains are not the only way to make a You can also use the Domain Check plugin on your WordPress – it is a domain management tool that allows you to keep track of all the domains you and ones you want to own. You can mark domains that you own in the Your Domains section and set up a reminder when you need to renew them; you can also do the same for SSL certificates. You can also use the plugin to look for coupons and discounts from your chosen web hosting and Internet registration site. And if you are on the lookout for a domain name that you want to own, the Domain Watch can keep track of its expiration date and alert you when it is available to backorder.



Think of SumoMe as one whole shop for all the apps you need on your website. Their Sumo Apps fall into three main categories: Lead generation (which means their List Builder apps for email), social sharing (sharing buttons and other social media integration functions), and analytics (a real-time report of visit count and heat map of the activity on your site. Their List Builder allows you to create a pop-up window that can ask your visitors to sign-up on your email list. Their sharing buttons can be customized; you can even choose which social media network to highlight and position both on the desktop version of your page or the mobile. But the best feature is their analytics report. Through their heat maps, you can see which button gets more clicks and which page is frequently visited.

Of course, this list will not be complete without a plugin that can help you fight hackers and malware. Sucuri is one of the most trusted and globally recognized brands for website security. Their features include Security Activity Auditing, Remote Malware Scanning, Blacklist Monitoring, Post-Hack Security Actions, and Website Firewall. This will come in handy, especially in this age, when malicious web attackers are looking for various ways to steal sensitive information and gain from exploiting it.

The best part about these plugins is they are freemiums, which means most of the services you will need are free, but extra features will require a small fee. Go on and install these plugins on your WordPress site, and see how much they can improve your traffic and engagement.

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