15 Empowering Affirmation Tools That Exist on Your Computer

Here are 15 ways you may build yourself up using your computer as a messenger for affirmations.

1. Desktop


Your desktop is something that you see on every occasion you open your computer. Husbands seem to have this already discovered; they positioned up a picture in their son or daughter. When they see it, it elicits powerful emotions of affection and kindness that they partner with their child. My preferred computing device is a bank assertion, in which I changed the totals being represented in my financial institution money owed. I subsequently diminished that out and positioned the “Ask and it will be given, Seek…” verse on it as nicely.

The concept is that you positioned something that makes you smile or experience empowered, just as you open your computer in the morning.

2. Movie-Maker

Movie-Maker is a very effective software program. It’s free, so there aren’t any excuses for not the usage of it. You can make a film that represents you and your dreams. Make a slide display and positioned music in it.

3. Screensaver

This is a fave of mine. You may additionally get known as far from your pc due to the fact a problem has come up. But while you come lower back, you will be advocated with the aid of pictures you’ve got set up as a slide display. It virtually beats a clean display screen! These photographs may be as simple as photos you have taken or custom computers you have got created.

4. Programmed Timer/Alarm Clock (hear)

Setting up an alarm at the laptop may be very handy for purchasing up inside the morning. I have not performed this one yet. However, I will now because I leave my computer on all night time. I used to save power :S.


5. Custom Boot Screen (see)

Not each person can exchange this display screen (or is aware of how). However, if you can, you are developing an adventure as you turn on your laptop. You have everyday reminders all the way, from while you wake up, restart your pc, as you enter your password to log in (the alarm works below this mode), after which you see your computer. The boot display screen is just any other clean screen you will, in any other case, have staring again at you.

6. Sounds

Log into home windows with something brief and to the point that makes you smile. At the start of Anthony Robbins’ CDs on the private power, he has a short 15 sec. Sound clip of the song. The tune seems like the type you will pay attention to at the end of a race or as you attain a summit. Throw it in there!

7. Post-it Notes (touch, see)

Since you have them throughout your table, you would possibly as properly make them satisfied ones! During my internship this summer, I noticed that if strain turned into not in common with all and sundry, publish-it! Notes certainly did. I did not have any extensive “problems” that I constantly needed to be reminded of, so as an alternative, I made my own:

Don’t jump out the window!

You’re constantly right!

You’re high-quality!

These are simply examples; you can hone in on your strengths and focus on them whilst writing messages to yourself.

8. YouTube

I am beginning to find that the quantity of makes use of that YouTube has alarmingly high. Look up “switch words” or “affirmations,” and you may find some other use for YouTube yet.

Nine. Your Desk Top

Here I am relating to your real-physical desk. After all, if the electricity goes out, you may want to have something to inspire you or make you experience still on top of things of your existence.

10. Send your self an email

This is a terrific gadget for reminding yourself of something. I could now not propose it too regularly, given that too many e-mails can get very worrying. Once in some time (e.G.: 1-2 instances in step with month), it’s far great to get a ‘surprising’ email reminding you which you are a pacesetter. You in no way understand while you’ll receive it…It’d come at simply the right time.

11. Create associations.

The computerized replace bubbles that pop up at the lowest of my screen force me insane. I try to try to remove them-yet there may be continually something! They pop up once I am writing a paper and that they sense like they may be calling my attention!

Take that stressful pop-u.S.And create associations so that while you see one, you think undoubtedly approximately yourself, or possibly approximately something you want to be glad about.

12. Internet Home Page

This is honestly a no-brainer, but I believe, like all the others, they add up. Set your internet home-web page to something that changes every few days. It needs to be something that communicates both high-quality statistics or good rates. You would possibly need to make this page a dynamic one (constantly changing) to have a few ranges.

13. Edit the sounds for your games

I used to do this as a child. I don’t surely play games anymore. If I did, I wouldn’t mind making some ‘mods’ that say first-rate matters about my character -just for the laugh of it!

This is not about being useless or obsessed with you. It’s approximately locating out what sports you do for the duration of the day that makes you experience inferiority or down and changing positive elements of them with something that encourages you and builds your self-belief.

14. iTunes


Mp3 players (I use iPod) are brilliant for audio-books, podcasts, or internet broadcasts. There is nothing advanced to paying attention to something that builds you up at the same time as you’re taking a stroll. Try to get the varieties of seminars which might be a laugh to listen to. Many tremendous authors create an audio-e-book so people can pay attention to it; however, not all make it enjoyable to listen to love Robbins or Covey.

15. Your Own Webpage

I am sure you have got heard that giving to others = constructing yourself up. The more you give, the greater you grow to be a better individual. Your internet site can be targeted on this too. I would warn you one aspect, but. If you need to have an internet site and provide a way information through all methods, do it. But consider monetizing at the least a number of them so you can make some cash and pay your payments!

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