LED TV Review of a Samsung HDTV

Okay first the bad news. The new LED HDTV sets are incredible and you’re going to need to get one if you take an amazing examine the image. So if you are considering looking at LED era I endorse you live far from the large container store if you intend to exercise some restraint. The appearance that properly! HDTV

But there also are some warnings approximately the maximum latest era out on the market which of course is 3D HDTV. Now, I’m no longer going to lie to you here. 3-d is a truly cool generation and it seems exceptional however after listening to some of my colleagues whine about complications and dizziness I started to look a chunk deeper. Turns obtainable are some warnings you may need to understand about.

I’m no longer overly hung up over this due to the fact I plan to get a 3-D TV and use it for normal Blu Ray Discs – not 3-D Blu Ray. I plan to peer how many reviews of weakened vision and injuries from watching three-D TV first – just to be secure. Read on…

These warnings are published on Samsung literature and accompany your 3-d HDTV set when unpacking your unit.


3-d LED HD TV Warnings – LED TV evaluation file from Samsung Warning Labels:

• “Children and young adults can be greater prone to fitness problems associated with viewing in three-D and have to be closely supervised while viewing those snap shots” Samsung stated on its website.

• “Some visitors may additionally experience an epileptic seizure or stroke while exposed to sure flashing pictures or lighting contained in positive tv pix or video games.Samsung

• “If you be afflicted by, or have an own family history of epilepsy or strokes, please discuss with a clinical specialist before the usage of the 3-d function,” Samsung says.

• It’s now not simply folks that are already aware they could have troubles that are at danger although.

• “Even those without a non-public or family history of epilepsy or stroke may additionally have an undiagnosed circumstance which can cause photosensitive epileptic seizures,” said Samsung.

• “Pregnant ladies, the elderly, patients with significant clinical conditions, those who are sleep disadvantaged or underneath the affect of alcohol have to avoid utilizing the unit’s three-D functionality.

• “Viewing 3D television may additionally motive movement sickness, perceptual after effects, disorientation, eye strain and decreased postural balance”

• Samsung is recommending that viewers take common breaks from looking 3D TV if you want to lessen the potential consequences.

• “If your eyes display symptoms of fatigue or dryness or if you have any of the above signs and symptoms, immediately stop use of this tool and do not resume the use of it for at least thirty minutes after the signs and symptoms have subsided”

Maybe I’m simply psychotic however frankly I’m not actual involved about these warnings. I do not plan to observe 3-d TV all day, every day. I simply need to apply it while looking a movie once or twice every week on the max. My overall publicity to TV is maybe 2 hours each 2 weeks. I suppose if you deliberate to observe the information in 3-D you can (or ought to) enjoy extra extreme troubles.

Like everything else consisting of watching television… ALL things in moderation folks! You need to not drink gallons of alcohol in one sitting and also you likely need to now not watch 6 hours of TV ordinary either.

As Americans, we generally do not know when to end. It is anticipated that the common teenager watches 4 hours of TV normal. What a total waste of time… You can enhance your children however you want, however you’re individually chargeable for their potential to make contributions some thing beneficial to society. Sitting in the front of the TV four hours a day or maybe 1 hour in my view is ridiculous. We want to find some thing useful to occupy our minds and entertain our children.


I assume the above warnings are probably issued for Americans. (yes, I am an American) Now, I love American, I love this us of a, and I love what it became founded on. So while Samsung places a caution of their HDTV packing containers approximately excessive use of three-D HDTV it makes me marvel who the warning became intended for. And I think the finger is pointing at the US.

Why have to You get a 3D HDTV anyway?

Emerging technology suggests that the tech discipline is going to hold moving at a completely rapid clip. Even if you by no means used the three-D era available on the set you purchased in case you buy a 3-D TV you’ve got the capability. The prices are a chunk extra -but in case you plan to spend a pair grand on a set whats a few hundred bucks extra?

And, whilst you are equipped to upgrade to a 3D Blu Ray Player you might not have to buy a brand new TV set. So, to me, it simply makes feel to devise in advance.

My LED HDTV alternatives – Highest Quality sets at Top, Moving Down to Budget units at the Bottom; These are not 3-D HDTV set alternatives:

Samsung UN55B8500 $4000: – units the bar high for all HDTV sets to beat. The greenback stops here. Awesome everything! The massive Samsung has neighborhood dimming at the leads and wonderful coloration. Phenomenal HDTV set! (Not reasonably-priced!)

LG 55LH90 around $1800 on line: This set is tons less pricey than the Samsung UN55B8500 version and it is almost at the top. This is my preferred HDTV out of this institution and for the cash – you can’t go incorrect here! But when you have the huge bucks go for the Samsung above. The massive LG may be very hard to beat at this rating factor.

Samsung UN46B8000 $2000 on line: (Amazon) offer terrific black stages and overall performance. A suitable price for this unit.

Samsung LN46B750 $1350 online: (Amazon) This set isn’t an LED, however, a normal LCD. However, you will be hard pressed to notice. This is a remarkable traditional back-lit model and well worth every penny.

Samsung LN40B650 $a thousand online and is a great free set that outperforms maximum units on this fee range. This little Samsung could be very difficult to conquer at this charge.

LG 37LH30 $seven-hundred-$750 on line: This price range 37 inch HDTV does now not have a perfect photograph due to choppy display screen brightness and black stages but plays very well within its rate constraints.

Vizio VO320E $500 on line: 32-inch budget display is a first-rate Vizio LCD TV with exact universal image high-quality. If used with a decent Blu ray participant presents a convincing HD picture on a budget.

Vizio VA19L around $2 hundred: 19-inch finances show has a super photograph and might work properly for a kitchen, bedroom, or patio set.

These are all regular 2D HDTV units. The 3-D units are being examined now and we are able to have our consequences out quickly. If you are inside the market for a 2D set one of the above HDTVs need to paintings outstanding for you.

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