Could Computers Ever Replace Humans On Earth?

The query because it was posed; I these days examine a piece of writing someplace that suggested that computers were turning into so sophisticated that there was an opportunity that they could at some point update human beings because of the dominant force on this planet.

This is an excerpt from the item I consider you’re relating to in the New York Times questioning whether computer systems could ever switch on their creators and take over the sector. This is a perfect subject for science fiction films, but now it appears to have labored its way into the mainstream of public debate.

Alarmed via development and advances in artificial intelligence, a group of pc scientists is debating whether or not there should be limits on research that might lead to a lack of human management over laptop-based totally systems that carry a developing proportion of society’s workload, from waging conflict to speaking to clients on the cellphone.

Their concern is that, also, advances could create profound social disruptions and even have dangerous results. As examples, the scientists pointed to several technologies as diverse as experimental scientific structures that interact with sufferers to simulate empathy and laptop worms and viruses that defy extermination and could consequently be stated to have reached a “cockroach” level of gadget intelligence.

In time terms, the cockroach has been around for a long time, and that they aren’t as loved as computers. Still, I recognize those of you who study these articles are evolved sufficiently to remember the fact that they too are creatures and deserve some recognition. However, they will be repugnant little buggers to the majority; they may be cherished via other cockroaches. The evaluation is stated and understood.

I will now remind you of other articles which I will now not listing here concerning the life of consciousness in all be counted. This, of direction, hearkens again to the idea that even the electron, atoms, and molecules possess a consciousness, rudimentary whilst as compared to human recognition, but aware of self in an undifferentiated manner. I am now not suggesting that atoms are like little people with their own societies and racial histories. Yet, atoms possess the know-how of their past affiliations with the bodily count in terms that could be dizzying to the human mind.

It is essential to recognize this if you are to make any feeling of this article. “There is greater information of the genuine nature of the universe in a single cell that makes up the shape of the laptop’s outer case than there is within the reminiscence financial institution of the pc itself.” A scientist of a few reputations now not too long ago wrote an editorial suggesting implanting small computer systems immediately within the human mind or skull, and I have no doubt something similar will indeed happen in due time. Now, a few humans were fairly dismayed on the possibility of tampering with the natural elements of any dwelling creature. It took some time for the human form’s true consequences are changing to be, if now not totally accepted, at least tolerated.

Let me explain. The soul or entity seeks experience in as many systems as it can handle. As you ought to recognize with the aid of now, your soul or entity is infinitely more advanced, mature, and more of a religious powerhouse than even you imagined of your present-day model of God. The soul/entity seeks as many exceptional varieties of experience that may be made to be had to it, and it creates man or woman personalities, together with your self, sending them out into numerous worlds, planes, and systems of truth to behave as its emissaries. The soul can not actualize itself in these structures because it might definitely weigh down any person’s physical form, so it creates identities, many such men or women bureaucracy to do this as an alternative.


At this time, you implant artificial hearts, artificial hips, synthetic legs, and palms, and this in no manner impacts or diffuses the nature of the human revel in and from the viewpoint of the soul, nothing is virtually lost. So, implanting a computer or computer chip in the cranium would in no way compromise the enjoy both and might open up new areas for growth no longer to be had earlier than. The creation of a pc chip ought to certainly improve human reminiscence to a terrific diploma. Still, it couldn’t convey the emotional content material of the memory being recalled of the route.


Computerizing the human frame should not be equated with tampering with the authentic identification of the personality. This identity is indestructible and unassailable and is not remoted in the human form as it is now and then supposed. In short, the human frame isn’t the identification, character, or self you realize. It is absolutely the carrier of the identification while it’s far alive on Earth. A laptop can not conceptualize, nor can it empathize or specific love, and love is the prime purpose behind all creativity which is a characteristic of the soul. A computer may be programmed to duplicate emotion, consider vocabulary or solve problematic mathematical equations; however, it cannot innovate primarily based on those consequences.

Most importantly, a computer can’t consider. The use of creativeness has spurred creativity over the centuries. Had it been not for imagination, there would be no steam engine, no automobiles, no computers, and no physical international. Now, I am pretty conscious that the authors of the aforementioned article had been inferring that computers may want to in some remote destiny both kill off or discover ways to manipulate or dominate their human creators, but this will only occur if this type of action has been deliberately programmed into their behavior patterns with the aid of their human creators. By the manner, imagination is one of the prime differences between human beings and animals. Animals do no longer utilize imagination, even though they do control feelings pretty well.

The important purpose why computers can by no means take over the arena of humans and animals is they can not dream. All residing attention desires, human beings, animals and all different matters that live and have been it no longer for dreams, there will be no growth within the physical international, since in desires cognizance is in touch with future probabilities, several to be materialized to your world.

The loss of the capability to dream in computer systems might suggest stagnation and decay of revel in, and a global stuck in a repetitive cycle and abandonment of cognizance. The soul-created conscious identities create your international and environment and then perceive it. This infers that a laptop should never create the international that you recognize, nor should it assist the natural surroundings as you unknowingly do. A computer, irrespective of how advanced, could not understand or enjoy the bodily global, given that a global without directive cognizance ought to now not exist.

On the other hand, it is composed of electrons, atoms, and molecules. The restricted small consciousnesses that compose the bodily elements of the pc itself are also evolving in an extra generalized way. Those minuscule components of the pc might eventually evolve a true “Over Consciousness,” which then, following the impetus of growth and expansion, would combine and merge to organize themselves as part of an extra advanced psychic structure capable of greater complex bodily structures.Cloud

In fact, and most will not like this at all, but unstated, latent, and yet to be activated genetic options for human materialization are usually present, buried in the genes, waiting in the wings, so to talk. All That Is had to foresee all possibilities for the continuation of the species below any damaging conditions. So, in case of any sort of destruction, including atomic missteps, or other feasible catastrophes, the species could activate the inactive genetic variances and mutate the species into something absolutely one of a kind to guarantee its survival underneath any future conditions.

There are a few who will say that a mutated species could now not be “herbal.” Still, if you actually remember that EVERYTHING IS CONSCIOUS to a point, then it isn’t always too much of a stretch to take into account that there may be clearly not anything that is not herbal. For example, a house is made of bricks or wood; however, the bricks’ clay and the wood from the tree are from natural earth sources. Both have their personal type of awareness gift inside the atoms and molecules in their physical composition. The same holds for the iron elements inside the frame of your automobile.

God or All That Is insures itself for the continuation of all of Its creations. Through genetic eccentricities and variations, it does that exchange the species beyond popularity if needed for survival in case such changes are had to ensure continuation and continuity or your international and others.

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