What are the latest stamp duty rates across different states in India and how do these affect homebuyers? Know Here!

When you buy a home, the property must get registered under your name with the authorities of the city and state where the property is located in. This is important because it helps validate the transfer agreement and proves your ownership in a court of law. For this, you need to pay stamp duty and registration charges.


How is stamp duty levied?

Stamp duty is a type of tax that the state government levies. The rate differs from state to state and can range anywhere from 3.5% to 9.9%. Every state also has different criteria for determining the stamp duty rate. These include:

  • The sex of the homebuyer:

Several states, such as Bihar and Haryana, offer a concession on the stamp duty rate for female homebuyers.

  • The location of the property:

Some states charge a lower stamp duty rate for properties in rural areas than in urban areas.

  • The value and state of the property:

States such as West Bengal and Karnataka have different stamp duty rates for various property value slabs.

  • Other factors depend on the state:

For instance, Sikkim charges a stamp duty rate that is half the actual rate for homebuyers of Sikkimese origin.

The stamp duty rate is charged on the property value or the circle rate, whichever is higher.

Stamp duty rates across different states in India

State Stamp duty rate
Andhra Pradesh5%
Arunachal Pradesh6%
BiharFemale – 5.7%
Male – 6.3%
GoaUp to Rs 50 lakh – 3.5%
Rs 50 to Rs 75 lakh – 4%
Rs 75 to Rs 1 crore – 4.5%
Above Rs 1 crore – 5%
HaryanaFemale – Urban areas 5%, rural areas 3%
Male – Urban areas 7%, rural areas 5%
Himachal Pradesh5%
Jammu and Kashmir5%
KarnatakaUp to Rs 20 lakh – 2%

Rs 21 to Rs 45 lakh – 3%

Above Rs 45 lakh – 5%

Madhya Pradesh7.5%
MaharashtraFemale – 4%
Male – 5%
OdishaFemale – 4%
Male – 5%
PunjabFemale – 5%
Male – 7%
RajasthanFemale – 4%
Male – 5%
SikkimSikkimese origin – 5%
Others – 10%
Tamil Nadu7%
Uttar PradeshFemale – 7% with Rs 10,000 rebate
Male – 7%
UttarakhandFemale – 3.5%
Male – 5%
West BengalUp to Rs 1 crore – 6%
Above Rs 1 crore – 7%

How does stamp duty impact you?

Along with stamp duty, you also have to pay registration charges which tend to be 1% across states. The cost of stamp duty and registration charges is essential to estimate in advance because the home loan amount you sanction does not account for these expenses. Hence, it would be best to use a stamp duty calculator to calculate stamp duty online. Once you know how much stamp duty and registration charges you need to pay, you can arrange for the funds accordingly.

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