List of Best SWP Mutual Funds in India

A Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) is the reverse of a SIP (Systematic Investment Plan). SWP mutual funds allow a systematic withdrawal of your funds instead of a lump sum redemption on maturity. Some mutual funds from different categories have performed well in the last 365 days and have the SWP option.

SWP Mutual Funds


  1. Kotak Small Cap Fund – With an Asset Under Management (AUM) of Rs 4765.5 crores, Kotak Small Cap has shown a 1-year return of 113%. It has delivered a 20% return in the longer five-year and ten-year horizon.
  2. Nippon India Small Cap Fund – Nippon India Small Cap has an AUM of Rs 15353.12 crores. It has given a 105% growth in one year, with a return of 23% in 10 years and 22% in the last five years.


  1. PGIM India Mid Cap Opportunities Fund – This mutual fund has an AUM of Rs 1952.07 crores. Its return in the last year is 92%. It has been giving a 19% return during the previous five years.
  2. Edelweiss Mid Cap Fund – With a one-year return of 80%, Edelweiss is among the better performing mid-caps with the SWP option. It has an AUM of Rs 1486.03 crores. It has given a 20% return in the last ten years, and 18% over the previous five years.


  1. Franklin India Bluechip Fund – This SWP fund has an AUM of Rs 6375.36 crores. The one-year return is 61%, while the five- and ten-year returns have been 12% and 13%, respectively.
  2. UTI Master share Unit Scheme – This fund has an AUM of Rs 8426.51 crores and a one-year return of 50%. The recovery in the last five years has been 14%, while in the previous ten years it has been 13%.


  1. IDFC Sterling Value Fund is a value fund with an AUM of Rs 3732.78 crores. It has had an impressive 98% return in the last year. Besides, it has returned 17% in the previous five years, and 16% in the last ten.
  2. Quant Tax Plan is an ELSS fund with an AUM of Rs 257.55 crores. A 98% one-year return is backed by a five-year return of 24% and a ten-year return of 17%.
  3. Aditya Birla Sun Life Digital India Fund – This sectoral/thematic fund has an AUM of Rs 1662.22 crores. Its return during one year is 90%, with solid 28% and 21% returns in the last five and ten years.
  4. SBI Contra Fund – This contra fund has an AUM of Rs 2393.84 crores and an annual return of 82% so far. It has given 14% and 13% returns in the last five and ten years, respectively.


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