Web Design Practices That People Need To Stop Doing

I spend a variety of time online in the course of the day, and there are lots of things I note approximately the way certain websites are designed and advanced. The reality is, some of them actually annoy me, and I marvel at what they have thought after they determined to design a website in this way. There are only a few matters that internet designers and builders need to stop doing because it makes the internet less enjoyable to revel in. Here are only some:

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All-Flash Websites: Okay, I remember that you want to reveal off your Actionscript abilities and how creative you are; however, if you develop a whole website in Flash, you ought to get locked up. Contrary to the famous notion, now not every person has Flash established on their computer systems. If I want to look at your website online with my mobile device and all I get is the “you need to install Flash” message, then forget it. If I need records, I want them proper away. I do not need to take a seat through your 10-day load senior 12 months art assignment to examine an awful article. Yes, your website is adorable, and it’s lovable to see the nifty mouseover the animation of the butterfly exploding right into a rainbow into a unicorn…Now can I find out what your drink specials are already?

Complicated Navigation: This is going along with the object above. Could you people label your navigation items what they truly are? Enough with the clever metaphors for every item within the navigation. No, I don’t want to play thru a 1/2 hour sport of Space Invaders to find your touch shape. Just spell everything out plain and easy to get to, which they need to get to your page. This additionally applies to university websites that are one of the worst offenders. Instead of the creative smart and artsy navigation schemes, they bury nested links inside nested links. It’s impossible to find whatever. I do not need to sense like I’m jumping down a rabbit hole just to find your Human Resources telephone wide variety. Please stop it.

Long & Drawn Out Forms: Why do lots of groups actually INSIST, which you fill out an extended pointless drawn-out form actually so that you can get in contact with them? I need to send you a resume good enough. I don’t need to write you a thesis on my existence history and give you the deal with and profession of my 0.33 cousin. Some are even worse in forcing you to create a “profile” with a login and password. People, STOP, k, STOP. It’s absolutely annoying, and it turns humans off from your internet site if you’re forced to do such things as this. And masses of the belongings you require to be snuffed out are notably intrusive. I’m no longer supplying you with my Social Security Number. I do not know you; you don’t know me. Stop doing this. And if I see the message “Sorry, you need to be logged in to try this” for something completely mundane, I’ll reach in via my computer display screen and strangle you.

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The “Are You Sure You Want To Leave” Message: You’ve seen this one before. You try to navigate faraway from a website, and all of the unexpected “pop,” a warning message pops up. “Are you sure you need to navigate away from this page? OK to retain and Cancel to stay at the present-day web page.” What idiot idea this became an amazing concept to a position on a website? If I want to go away from your website, I’m pretty certain I could make this life-changing selection without your intruding popup message trying to control my indecisiveness. And what’s even greater worrying is that once I’m in a hurry, I’ll end up clicking the wrong choice and become stuck on the web page again. Whatever marketing “genius” concept this turned into an awesome idea ought to have his degree burned.

Those Overly Blatant Sales Pitch Sites: Can you human beings stop making the one unmarried page shameless sales pitch websites that are just complete of vague pitchy textual content that tells me nothing about your products or services? If you want to promote a product, how approximately you’re making a pleasing records wealthy site tells me about what you are attempting to sell. You’re not a drug dealer peddling down a dark alley inside the initiatives, okay? This is the message you placed across while you post an internet site like this. There’s no manner I’m going to send you $15 via PayPal, so I can learn whatever top notch and existence changing mystery that you’re simply dying to inform me, no matter how many lively gifs and “as seen on TV” trademarks you plaster to your display screen. These sites need to be wiped out like a swarm of mosquitoes.

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Spamming Comment Forms With Your Shameless Plugs: You people royally P**S me off. Do you REALLY suppose that I will permit your comment to get via Mr. “Viagra Overnight” Smith? If you people actually need to get a few hyperlinks again in your website, why not engage in a few kinds of authentic communique in place of doing what is essentially the equal of barging into somebody’s desk at an eating place and throwing a pile of fliers and brochures in their faces earlier than going for walks out the door. I, without a doubt, love it after they “attempt” to sound actual on a comment form, too, as it’s just about as right acting as Keanu Reeves in Speed. I hate you spamming jerks, and you want to die in a fire. These are just a few things that trouble me approximately the internet. There are loads extra. However, I’d be taking place for days. I hope some, as a minimum, maybe one individual out there sees this article before they decide to design that “nifty” flash website, or that “splendidly special” touch shape or that “blatantly shameless” advertising crap, and makes a change of heart. If no longer…Nicely then…I’d want to punch you.

John R. Wright
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