Computer Guru Secrets to Buying a Computer!

Being an Information Technology (I.T.) Consultant – or a “Computer Guy” as I favor to be known as – maybe a dangerous profession. Sometimes whilst human beings find out what I do for a dwelling, I nearly get tackled! “Hey, I’m approximate to buy a brand new pc…What need to I get?” After being a laptop man for almost two decades, I’m a good person to ask. In this article, I will share my advice on how to buy a brand new pc.

Computer Guru Secrets to Buying a Computer! 47

There is nothing extra frustrating than spending your difficult-earned money on a new computer and finishing up being pissed off due to the fact you did not get what you wanted. By following some easy suggestions, you can buy the precise laptop for your needs without spending an arm and a leg.

If you’re considering buying a laptop, please examine my article “Should I Buy a Desktop or Laptop pc?” (to be had at my internet site) that will help you make up your mind. If you are certain that a computer is a right choice for you, then here is my advice on choosing the proper new laptop to suit your wishes.

What Kind of Computer?

There are many manufacturers of computers to be had. (I show up to be an unabashed fan of Dell Computers. I actually have advocated Dell computing device, computer, and server computer systems to my friends, own family, and customers for decades and stay impressed with their fine, cost, and overall performance. Each Thursday, I check out the modern-day Dell deals as they come out and put up the deal of the week on my internet site.) However, if you choose any other emblem, take the subsequent hints under consideration, and you will be satisfactory.

What about WinXP Media Center Edition and Windows VISTA? I’m now not keen on both. WinXP Media Center turns your laptop into a jukebox, Tivo, and DVD participant. If you’re a university student with a limited area for your dorm room, this might be ok. But my enjoyment is, humans spend money on a WinXP Media Center laptop, and after the newness wears off, they pass lower back to the use of their TV to watch TV again. I’m afraid I have to disagree with clogging up your pc with software that you are not using on a normal foundation.

Windows Vista is too new, and even as it suggests promise, I do not advocate a new working system until Service Pack One is launched. As the antique announcing goes, “You can continually tell the pioneers by using the arrows of their backs.” Let a person else debug Vista. My opinion on this may, in all likelihood, change later in 2007 or early 2008 when some of the problems were labored out.

How Much RAM??

Computer Guru Secrets to Buying a Computer! 48

Get no less than One Gigabyte (1024 Megabytes) of RAM. The single most essential thing you can do to hurry up your computer is to ensure it has lots of RAM. Invest in a GIG now, and you may in no way regret it. Your computer may run rapidly while you first pull it out of the field; however, after you begin installing a software program, browsing the Internet, downloading a song, or doing whatever it’s miles you do…Trust me, things are going to begin to slow down.

512Megs is the naked minimum for a Windows XP pc with Service Pack 2 set up (my rule, now not Microsoft’s). 768Megs is higher, and a Gig is ultimate. If you are into video modifying, CAD/CAM, or Photoshop, you would possibly want to spend money on extra than a Gigabyte. Another motive to shop for extra now’s so you can upgrade to Vista later. If this is your plan, get Gigabytes now.

What Kind of Processor??

The minimum processor and tough drive are probably good enough. For most people, the “slowest” processor provided is probably greater than adequate. Faster processors are often available for $50-$500 greater, but I think you’re wasting your cash if you’re like most users and need to surf the web, study email, do some phrase processing, etc. Spend that extra cash on greater RAM or an external hard disk for backups instead!

How Big of a Hard Disk??

Similarly, until you absolutely plan on downloading heaps of track and movies or take LOTS of large digital pics, the “smallest” tough force to be had might be good enough. As an instance, Windows XP and Microsoft Office combined take up much less than four Gigs. Most of the difficult drives I see have less than 20 Gigs used. Just cross for the minimal pressure (it is likely 60-80 Gigs) and, in case you run out of space, you could usually spend money on a second internal or external tough drive later.

An exception to this rule is that currently, I have observed Dell charging most effective $10 to upgrade from an 80Gig difficult pressure to a 160Gig hard pressure. Obviously, it’s miles worth a trifling $10 to double your hard drive space.


Computer Guru Secrets to Buying a Computer! 49

By following only some guidelines, you can keep yourself several cash and purchase the first-rate computer, a good way to serve you properly for many years to come back. Remember to noticeably do not forget Windows XP Pro, get a GIG of RAM, and go together with the minimum processor and smallest hard drive. For greater advice, suggestions, and tricks.

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