Turn Your Apps Into Money Machines – Top 5 Ideas For a Best Selling App

So, you’ve got the subsequent large mobile app concept. You simply can not wait to typhoon the marketplace with this superb app. It is specific and goes to come to be the communicate of the cellular app world. But, are you certainly prepared to make the leap?

We are talking approximately hoards of coins flowing in!!!Best Selling App

Have you chalked out a plan based on concrete records? Do you have good concept approximately the demographics of the market you are concentrated on? If now not, your massive plan would possibly simply come crashing down and someone will, in reality, seize the opportunity to hijack your idea and flip it profitable.



Do you recognize what number of apps is the gift in the App Store? The determine is a whopping 1.5 million, enough to plunge any new app into oblivion. However, worry now not. Since you’ve got carefully targeted your app to reach the pinnacle Smartphone users your app is going to soar especially.

According to recent figures released by Nielsen on the American Smartphone user marketplace, seventy-one% of the whole American population makes use of Smartphone on a regular basis. The trend is a lot better inside the lower age group. If we take a look at the age clever department, eighty-five% of the population among the age of 18 and 24 years in America incorporates of Smartphone users. The figure is 86.2% whilst we do not forget customers aged between 25 and 34 years.

But, why have to we take into account these age businesses? It is this segment that no longer most effective spends a giant time the use of diverse apps but also has the cash to spend.

Going again to the have a look at on the time spent on various styles of leisure apps by users in the US via Nielsen, we discover greater than 10 hours became spent handiest gambling games through a person in America. The overall month-to-month utilization of amusement apps with the aid of every American is 13 hours 20 minutes to be genuine.

While Nielsen targeting the overall average, if we take a more in-depth observe the 18 to 24 years age institution, the determine is a marvelous 37+ hours spent according to month simply playing video games with the aid of a person.

Any satisfactory marketer will take one have a look at this determine and could say that that is the suitable consumer base to be focused while launching any new app in the App Store.

However, to your app to be successful, it has to ring a bell with this group of users. So, what’s it that pursuits these young adults? Here is a list of the pinnacle 5 factors that you must be keeping in mind.

1. Simple, easy, handy, and functional

What comes in your thoughts each time you suspect of particularly a hit apps? Instagram, Uber, Whatsapp, and such others I believe. What do these have in commonplace? All of these are –

• Easy to apply

• Have simple and attractive interface

• Can be simply installed, uninstalled, and used with out slowing down the tool

• Highly useful as help in getting the job finished which they may be meant to

Also, they occurred to be one in every of their kinds whilst released. They centered a specific issue that the young adults faced and furnished the quality option to it.

2. Be Original

Originality is the key to becoming viral. People want some thing new. With 1.5 billion apps striving to capture the attention, it’s far going to take a definitely one of its type of idea to capture the attention.

Do I need to have a very authentic idea?

What if I can not think of anything that isn’t already there?

You need no longer fear. Simply take a top notch app and make it even better. Isn’t that one of the approaches of churning out market main apps?

Ever heard of Hike Messenger? It is giving quite an opposition to every other large like Whatsapp within the Indian market. While there has not been any professional statement regarding it, however, many builders accept as true with that its miles the recognition of Hike with the function of sending files to different users that precipitated Whatsapp to combine the identical functionality.

Three. Focus on Functionality

Don’t churn out an app it’s Jack of all change but master of none. No one likes it, especially the organization you will be focused on. Those among 18 years and 34 years know what they need. Concentrate on a single functionality.

Your app desires to be first-rate in a commercial enterprise for what it does. Even if you are making an app to play song ensure it is great in all feel and gives all of the alternatives that customers want.

You do no longer need something virtually complex. Just make some thing in an effort to be clean to apply and no longer loaded with vain features.

Four. Sharing is Free Advertising

Let your users proportion the app easily. Youths love to percentage whatever and the entirety. This is quite evident from the achievement of apps like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and others. Whatever be the success or event, youths will like to proportion with their pleasant buddies. Let them do this easily. It will ultimately increase the recognition of your app.

Ever heard of Viral Looping? Apps

Viral Looping is the relatively a success enterprise version used by important apps like Candy Crush and different such games. It shall we people proportion the app in alternate of a few presents. Thus, it’s miles a promotional device that customers will love to apply. Provide some thing exciting in go back of the shares, like cheats, lives in a game or sincerely removal of Ads from the app and make your app viral.

Five. Create a move-platform app

If you will pressure users to apply an app on a single platform, you’ll lose out on them. Make an app on the way to run easily on all cellular platforms.

Youths are extra vulnerable to using the same app on mobile, pc, tablet, and on some other platform, they’ll be the usage of. Make positive your app is able to access information across all of those structures. Mobility is quite critical for the younger users. Your app must be able to offer it.