Top 20 SEO Tips & Guidelines

1) If you don’t want an excessive amount of opposition from other SEO’s, select your key phrases exactly. For example, Instead of Hotel, pick key phrases like a cheap lodge, royal lodge, first-class resort, Los vegas resort, and many others. Order of keyword also counts for search engines like google and yahoo. Search engine treats “Los vegas motel” and “hotel Los vegas” as special keywords.

20 SEO Tips & Guidelines

2) Best search engine optimization practice is to get as a minimum one in all your number one key phrases in your internet site’s area or subdomain name. You can use hyphens (-) to separate a couple of keywords.

3) Get your second or third keywords for your listing name and filename. ““search engine optimization tricks” and “search engine optimization recommendations and tricks.”

4) Keep your website unfastened from any syntax error, claim report kind at the start, and validate your HTML and CSS because search engine bot does not like pages with too many mistakes.


5) Give a short Title on your pages in 3-9 words (60-80 characters), most in period containing your primary key-word. Remember it is going to be displayed in seek effects, so select wisely.

6) Try to consist of your maximum crucial keyword terms in heading tags in your net page if you can but hold in thoughts. It should now not be precisely the same as the identity of your page. You can use the (H1 H2 H3) tag for specifying whatever important. To reduce the size of the heading, you may use CSS styling.

7) Specify Meta key phrases in the heading of the record. Limit it to 15 to twenty phrases. Although not all the search engines give significance, there is no damage doing it. Search engines like Yahoo nevertheless give it a little importance.

8) Make your Meta Description tag very attractive, containing key phrases because it will seem on the seek engine result pages. People used to choose your content material my meta description; keep this in your thoughts.

9) Use textual content for the navigation menu rather than the usage of pix or Java scripts. But in case you want to use pix, then use the “alt” attribute that first-class fits in your menu item link.

10) Try to consist of your maximum important keyword in hyperlinked text and text that at once precedes or follows the link. Do not use the same key-word continually. Use synonyms at few places.

11) Once again, use the “alt” attribute for all of your snapshots interior your content material reflecting in your contents primary keyword.

12) One of the excellent webmaster tenet is to post sitemap of your internet site to make sure all internet site pages are indexed by way of search engine crawlers.

13) Keep the size of your webpages less than 50KB so they may be downloaded rapidly, and site visitors don’t ought to wait for lengthy. For precise search engine optimization, web site page size perfect has to be 20KB.

14) Try to keep away from your content material in Flash, body, photos, javascript because crawlers find it very hard, and it is towards fundamental rules.

15) Don’t use dynamic URLs because they don’t contain key phrases, so it does not seek engine pleasant. If you are using any script that shows dynamic pages, then make sure as a minimum, it has to include one keyword. You can use a URL rewriter script for converting dynamic URLs to static ones.

16) Don’t attempt to junk mail and never use strategies like cloaking, keyword spamming, or doorway pages. Many search engine optimization advise to have multiple area calls and hyperlinks, each different but according to SEO professionals, seek engines can penalize you for this. Instead of that, try and upload greater satisfactory content material to your present internet site.

17) Submit your website only once to Google, MSN, Yahoo, AltaVista, and other serps and open directory. Don’t use any script or website for computerized submission.

18) If your website contents modifications very frequently, then offer travelers a Newsletter and RSS feed.


19) Write articles on an internet site associated with yours having better web page ranking and depart your web sites link. You can do the same by writing a comment on high PR blogs associated with your content.

20) Get text hyperlinks from different websites and blogs related to yours; search engines keep in mind it as vote in your favor.
By following our top 20 suggestions and some other guidelines, you may get inthe  top 10 function in SERPs.

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