SEM, TEM or Dual Beam Maintenance – Top Ten Tips


It is a recognized fact that microscope repairs incur heavy value. Sometimes, just like with automobiles or appliances, larger issues can be prevented, and the scope may be made to closing longer if attention is paid to small things. TSS Microscopy has many years of revelations in operating with microscopes in all one-of-a-kind states of disrepair and have visible some quite nasty stuff. This article discusses some of the most vital things you will do, as a user or owner, to help protect their funding.

Top Ten Tips

 Dual Beam
Listen and Look! When people can try this mechanically with their car, then why now not additionally with their microscope? When something is used often, it is easy to apprehend the everyday flickers, hiccups, and noises that it makes. Trouble may be diagnosed in the early level itself earlier than it gets out of hand, and this could be achieved with the aid of paying close interest and taking notice whilst matters are distinct. Time must be taken while using Dual Beam, TEM, or SEM, so if something isn’t always similar to closing time, this will be cited.
Change the oil. Again, much like some very mechanical things that might be handled on a day-by-day foundation, it’s vital to take care of the basic protection objects, like having tip seals on dry pumps modified or changing the roughing pump oil. Bad oil in a compressor or pump can affect overall performance and cause additional issues.

Make positive it’s cool. Many microscopes require chilled water, both for the pumps or for the lenses. It should be ensured that the closed-loop chiller or residence water is clean and water is produced at the perfect temperature and wait. Also, the water needs to be checked for the presence of algae, the increase of unusual things, or for an uncommon smell. A water flush may be used before it creates extra troubles like clogged lens traces and greater.

There are also other matters TSS can do to assist on similar topics.

Wear gloves. Wearing gloves is a simple preventive maintenance component that some users fail to observe. TSS advises glove usage when doing whatever could either be near or go into the vacuum chamber on a Dual Beam, TEM, or SEM. Even a small amount of oil or grease added throughout every pattern exchange can add up and degrade the vacuum in the long run.

Consumables. As the call rightly shows, consumables aren’t intended to be used all the time. Detectors, beam chemistry, and apertures– all of them come beneath that consumable umbrella. TSS advises that consumables may be changed at the OEM advocated intervals. If the replacement is executed well earlier of failure, the device performance can definitely be stepped forward, and a tool disaster may be averted at the wrong time. Sometimes, the detector might also malfunction, or users may also run out of platinum properly when they’re running on an important sample. However, such issues may be avoided.

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Patience. Patience is crucial. This way, if a pattern holder is inserted hastily on a TEM, or maybe a Dual Beam or SEM, it could by accident lead to a hassle. The TEM degree especially is susceptible because of sensitive vacuum machine additives and vacuum fittings percentage the identical space in which the pattern holder goes. Thus, it’s miles critical to have a little extra endurance and take a few greater times to do things with utmost care.

Maintain a clean environment. TSS has visible all of it – ranging from desktops covered with chewing gum on the bottom to dirty pc enthusiasts and a few matters which might be higher left unsaid. These scopes are particles and dust collectors. They have lovers and powers resources in places that one won’t anticipate, and through the nature of the electronics, they acquire dust. If the environment is kept wholesome and clean, it’s miles really probably to have a more fit scope!

Track. This isn’t approximately taking a run at lunch, even though it no longer sounds like a terrible idea. However, the main recognition is monitoring and tool logging. Records of what kind of samples are run; important scope parameters (vacuum ranges, etc.); and problems that could have come about all through a selected consultation on the scope should be maintained efficiently. This method can make it a lot less complicated to troubleshoot and diagnose issues as they arise. Also, this data may be used to expect whilst disasters might occur, and for that reason, a tremendous deal of pressure, time, and money may be stored.

Back up your machine computers. Irrespective of the way antique or new the computers and difficult drives are, the equipment can nevertheless fail. Thus, having an exact backup or identical to the hard force for plug-and-play utilization is a terrific concept if something is going wrong. TSS Microscopy presents sure answers that may help make this a less complicated job for clients, mainly if they have an older microscope computer that lacks nowadays’s hardware interface conveniences.

Resources! Use them! TSS Microscopy is to be had to help clients with no reprimands or judgment. In addition to supplying providers, the enterprise shares or gets the consumables and components required via clients, even supposing they have an older microscope that is not supported by their OEM anymore. TSS is available over the phone, individually, or thru its far-flung diagnostic platform. In case something goes incorrect, customers can touch the employer because TSS dares to move locations wherein the OEM does no longer.

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