Home Internet Security: Safety Tips by Bravo Telecom

They say that safety starts at home, and that is especially true with the internet. For hackers, no target is too small if data is concerned. Therefore, you should always protect your home network and your family.

Home Internet Security: Safety Tips by Bravo Telecom 47

To help you in that, Bravo Telecom’s team shared with you some useful tips that every internet user needs to follow.

Change the default name of your home Wi-Fi.

If you want to navigate the internet safely, the first step is to change the default SSDI. By changing your Wi-Fi network’s name, you make it harder for malicious attackers to know what type of router you have.

We highly recommend not to name your Wi-Fi something like “Mike’s Wi-Fi.” You certainly do not want to give them that information that can help them to break into your network.

Choose a random SSID and change it a few times a year. Make sure that it does not contain your address, name, or any other personal information.

  1. Make a strong and unique password.

As you know, routers come with a default password that allows you to log into the router. The worst part: hackers can guess it easily, especially if they know the manufacturer.

To have great protection of your home Wireless Network and your VOIP residential telephone, choose a strong and unique password. A good one must contain at least 8 characters. Use a combination of letters, numbers, and various symbols.

  1. Activate network encryption

Encryption is the act of encoding data to render it unintelligible to unauthorized users. If you search online, you will find three types of Wi-fi protection systems that are commonly used to secure transmissions:

– Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP).

– Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA).

– and Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA2).

Since 2006, all Wi-Fi-certified products should use WPA2 security. For those who want a strengthened version of the system, we recommend you WPA2 AES. This method is impossible to crack.

  1. Keep the router firmware Updated.

Many Wireless Routers do not come with the option to auto-update their software. Most of the time, you should do it yourself as you do with the Wi-Fi password.

So, to keep the router firmware Updated, always install the latest software available on the system.

Those who have Wi-Fi networks that can auto-update still must activate the settings’ option to get the latest features and security fixes.

  1. Be careful with Guest Access.

If you have a recent router model, you will surely have a feature called guest networking. The feature provides secure unlimited Internet for your guests. But if you do not use it, you’d better turn it off.

Finally, do not forget to turn off Wi-fi on your devices when you leave the house for an extended period or even overnight. Doing this prevents hackers from finding your Wi-Fi and may even save you a little on your internet bill.

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