A mistake many golfers make when it comes to their putters

Do you play golf but want to improve your technique and playing style? Then think carefully about whether you are making mistakes related to your golf club. Per round, golfers use the putter between 30 and 45 times. However, the value of a good putter is often underestimated, while it can mean a lot for the player’s final score. What kind of putter do you have in your bag? Please read this article to learn the big mistakes many golfers make regarding their putters.

A mistake many golfers make when it comes to their putters 47

You buy too fast: think about what you need.

The search for the perfect combination of weight, feeling, and appearance has already generated countless different putters, which doesn’t seem to end soon.

Such a diversity of putters available on the market can confuse new players. Choosing the best golf club and putter can be difficult. Therefore, you should try out many different models after stepping into a store. Keep your type of putter in mind, but do not forget to look at what you like when lining up and feeling. If you are sensible, ask your golf instructor for advice. More and more experts in putters can measure which kind of putter works best for you.

Could you not choose a putter by its appearance?

Golfers often choose a putter based on its appearance. When a putter looks fashionable, everybody loves it, isn’t that true? But this is a widespread mistake many golfers make. It would help to choose a putter to suit your playing style, height, and strength. Don’t focus on the putter’s appearance so much! Of course, looking at some cool and fashionable putter feels better than looking at something ugly, but golf is more about precision and technique than looks.

You have never tried a putter fitting.

The fitting of the putter takes about 60 minutes. An analysis is made of your current putter, and you will try out different putters. This is useful, for example, in determining which balance the putter can best have. Ultimately, it’s the art of perfectly combining all variables in your putter. At the end of the session, a selection of about three putters is made, with which you will draw. Eventually, your feeling is also one of the determining factors, so let your choice depend on it.

You buy only new and expensive models.

Due to new technological progress, many brands replace their product lines and golf accessories annually. This means that the putters from last season are often sold out at a discount. These putters will be more than enough for many amateurs but indicate that you can often save much more money than purchasing the latest collections.

You use the wrong golf balls.

In today’s modern golf game, the ball is important. A better, softer golf ball ensures low spin when using a club and a much higher spin at a wedge. The majority of golfers benefit from a ball that is designed to make more distance instead of spin. Investing in good quality golf balls can, therefore, be beneficial. If you lose many of your balls as a beginner, it may be too early to invest in better golf balls, but if your game has improved, it is time to invest more in buying high-quality golf balls.


Golf is a demanding sport. Even for people with a lot of experience with other sports, it is not said that they can immediately strike the ball straight away. Remember, golf is a beautiful sport! We hope that you will improve your golfing skills with the above information.

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