Pros and Cons of the Age-vintage Round Robin Reading Strategy

Pros and Cons of the Age-vintage Round Robin Reading Strategy

Teaching is a noble task. Therefore, to make the scholars examine quick, but efficaciously, isn’t always a cake walk in any respect! Buzzle attempts to see the pros and cons of an age-vintage exercise of ‘Round Robin Reading Strategy’, that’s practiced with the aid of many teachers.


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Popcorn studying is some other oral studying practice, in which the trainer reads some strains, before uttering the phrase ‘popcorn’, followed by the scholar’s name who need to do the analyzing task after her.
All instructors have this strength to create a bunch of intellectuals. But the assignment is traumatic and requires several ways to inspire and make the scholars willing in the direction of studying. As they rightly say, it is less complicated to take a horse to the pond, however, it is not easy to make it drink water from the pond. Likewise, it is less difficult to accumulate the students for the class, but it’s far no smooth task to encourage them to examine.

Therefore, numerous techniques are utilized by the lecturers to pursue their teaching skills, aside from using the lengthy chiding classes and the stick-trick with their pupils. Well, coming back to the point, one of the most practiced strategies is the Round Robin Reading Strategy. We shall name it the RRRS henceforth inside the rest of this text. The name is robust, agreed. But what’s the strategy and a way to practice it in the teaching method, what are its merits and demerits, if any? These are a number of the questions whose answers we can search for in this text.



To begin with, permit specifies that the term normally hinges at the phenomenon of repetition. For some time we’re transported lower back inside the time of records when we used to be in schools and had difficult times inside the company of these actually strict instructors. But have we ever skilled RRRS ourselves? I am sure, at the least as soon as in our lifetime, we’ve all been uncovered to this exercise.
History of Round Robin Reading Strategy (RRRS)
Now earlier than delving into the borders of its advantages and downsides, let us first discover, what exactly is RRRS? It is not anything, however, the exercise of meting out every and each pupil in the study room to study from chapters that are a brand new bankruptcy.

So, no one has any idea approximately the content material of the bankruptcy. While s/he does the studying, the rest of the elegance listens, expecting their turn to come; or instead hoping that the elegance gets dismissed for the day, earlier than they come to be the subsequent easy prey to this precise exercise! Well, the exercise is also famous as ‘popcorn studying’.

Well, the origin of the term is dicey, many assets say that there had been instances whilst in an army, there have been court cases lodged against the higher authority, which has been undersigned through the contributors who complained. In order to hold themselves safe from bearing the blame of initiation of the complaint, the signatories signed in a ‘spherical’ sample at the paper, hence, successfully hiding the initiator of the criticism.

There is likewise any other tale clinging on the time period. It is likewise used on playgrounds, at some stage in games, where each participant has to face each other participant. This is performed in turns.

Lately, it is used for any letter or memorandum which is circulated in all strata.

Considering the essence of this article, the second ancient motive is greater apt for our idea and understanding of RRRS. Now permit’s delve into the pros and cons of round robin reading in an element.
Purpose of RRRS
* The advent of the machine changed into in particular to attract college students’ attention. This practice is typically restrained to the decreased training, in which the students are genuinely inattentive, and take the teachers for a trip to cognizance their interest.

* The goal become to pressure the scholars to pay attention for when they were inattentive, they would not have the ability surely to read from the exact place where the fellow classmate had stopped. And if he fails to select up studying from the same spot, that might name for punishments. Hence, the scholars needed to pay attention, all along. Therefore, it ensured mass-elegance attention.

* This maintained area inside the classroom. When anyone student turned into assigned the assignment of analyzing, he was busy in reading, the relaxation had been busy listening, or instead anticipating their turn. This turned into beneficial in keeping the elegance decorum, at the part of the instructor.

* RRRS also proved helpful in reading the studying functionality of the students. Reading aloud, helped the trainer to spot the follies of the scholars, therefore helping them to have higher articulation in the destiny.

* It additionally helped the teacher to facilitate more of student participation, rather than turning into a lecture on the topic.

Those have been the few benefits of Round Robin Reading, that we were given on the listing. Now, allow’s additionally see a number of the demerits additionally ranking for this mode of analyzing.
Demerits of RRRS
The following segment will draw your interest to the reasons which amount to making this systematic reading interest a terrible interest altogether. The students are taken to a passive mode. In RRRS, the getting to know process which virtually is the essence of classroom gaining knowledge of takes a backseat. The student who is assigned the reading task, does it, while the relaxation sincerely waits apprehensively for their turn of studying.

* It limits the students’ analytical and hassle-solving abilities. Instead of racking the brains into information the concept of the chapter, the students interact themselves inside the listening task or the ready process.


* It induces monotony. This process is actually no longer one of the nice approaches to inculcate hobbies in the minds of the scholars about the new bankruptcy. They alternatively lose the interest of the lengthy and tedious listening classes which pass on frequently. It is an overused technique.

* It turns into more of a fear for individuals who don’t possess fantastic studying capacity. They turn out to be conscious while their errors are mentioned in public. This instills a few type of an inferiority complicated inside the minds of the students, which is not appropriate at all.

* It also does no excellent for the ones who are ahead in greedy matters. They are made to examine in a manner such that it could match up with the capability of those who are lagging at the back of. Thus placing a common studying pace, which isn’t wanted in the first place.

* Every scholar has their personal talents to grasp and analyze. Assigning a hard and fast tempo makes the fast beginners compromise and the ones who aren’t that short, to research in a rush. The ideal issue to do is to divide the school room in line with the extent of help and guidance the students require.

Well, these were a number of the motives that have enough reasons to be called, some sensible disadvantages of RRRS.
A Suggested Activity for Round Robin Reading Strategy
# Assign the students a selected bankruptcy to read on their very own, and word down the key elements of the bankruptcy, or in brief the crux of the bankruptcy.
# Every student has a completely unique style of interpretation, the usage of which they may deduce distinct points which can be essential in step with their knowledge.
# Some of the points can be similar, the relaxation may be completely distinctive.
# This is the reason of the hobby. The students will come up with their individual interpretations and percentage. Thus, every student may be uncovered to a brand new perspective.
# The factors would be shared by using each of them in a ‘Round Ribbon Reading’ format, therefore enabling every to place forth their findings.
# The instructor then can supply the important input.

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