How Do I Keep My Computer Virus Free?

With years of enjoy eliminating viruses (AKA Malware), I recognize first hand how hard and not possible doing away with viruses can be. I actually have spent endless hours fighting, kicking, and screaming at a computer display screen in hopes of sending the virus to a violent cyber-death. However, my personal pc has never been infected with an endemic. Therefore, I am writing a ‘user manual for virus-free computing. There are many valuable websites obtainable that supply the simple steps to staying smooth; however, I will try and go one step similarly and provide an explanation for a number of the lesser-realize techniques.

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The motivations in the back of the advent of viruses are several. Traditionally, malware changed into written to university children for ‘bragging rights’ or by using disgruntled employees. Today, the general public of malware is written for economic advantage. There are many methods in which a malware creator can make cash off of you or your laptop. Their fundamental supply of profits is using a rogue Anti-Virus software program to ‘scare’ the person into inputting their credit score card with the purpose of ‘smooth’ their laptop. This is an entire scam! What starts offevolved as a seemingly innocent caution about a virus on your gadget speedy will become numerous pop-America and nag screens to the factor that you could now not use the laptop. All the displays point you to ‘registering’ the software to remove most of these viruses. Once you “register the software,” the pc remains infected because the program asks to be registered itself the virus.

If you do appear to give them your credit score card, you could contact your economic organization and request a brand new credit card and money back of the cash charged. Clients of mine have carried out this with no primary complications, but some banks will be more difficult to deal with than others.

Although there are technical things, you may maintain viruses from infecting your system, and this text focuses on the person and what you can do to preserve from getting infected. Whether it is opening an electronic mail message, downloading a tune file, or trying to look at a video someone sent you on Facebook, (nearly) all infections require the consumer to do something to get inflamed.

Avoid All Peer-to-Peer Downloads – Peer-to-Peer networks consist of; Limewire, Bit-torrent, Frostwire, Gnutella, Kazaa, and Bearshare. These report-sharing networks are used to alternate files from one consumer to the opposite. Due to their high publicity and the fact that viruses may be without problems disguised as legitimate files, peer-to-peer networks can be prevented in any respect charges. If you are the handiest downloading track or movie documents, you’re still EXTREMELY exposed to infections. Once I put off a virus from a pc, and the computer has a peer-to-peer application set up, I also do away with the peer-to-peer application. NEVER DOWNLOAD FROM PEER-TO-PEER NETWORKS.

Never Open E-Mail Attachments From Forwards – I know you could experience the pretty PowerPoint displays that your co-employees ship you; however, they could get you inflamed. This consists of all forwards who have any attachments. I will no longer cross into information about which document kinds can contain malware. Rather, DO NOT OPEN ATTACHMENTS WHICH ARE FORWARDED to you.

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Never Search For ‘Free’ Things – This consists of games, coupons, software, etc. If your kids use the Internet to locate loose video games, it simplest depends on time before you get inflamed. Suppose you’re searching out software, using the term ‘open source’ in preference to ‘free.’ Searching at no cost games, coupons, and the software program will not most effectively open your laptop to contamination. However, it will heighten your threat of being worried about other styles of scams.

Never View Unethical Sites – Never visit any ‘unethical’ websites on the Internet. This consists of pornography, hacking, and software piracy websites. Depending on your supply, most porn websites do not comprise viruses, but I could live far away from any ‘unethical’ website. Like I said during the creation, those are steps that I even have used to live virus loss since the inception of the ARPAnet.

Never Watch Videos that Request a Download – This is a new tactic the malware authors are the usage of these days; whilst seeking to view a video, you receive a request to “replace your java/Adobe Flash/different participant” or “download codec to view the video.” The update/codec isn’t a valid download, and once it’s far downloaded, your pc starts offevolved a downward spiral into a deep cyber-virus pit.

Always Download Drivers from the Manufactures Website – In my career, I need to seek and download drivers all of the time. I do not have evidence that the 1/3-birthday party driving force websites incorporate viruses, but there’s no want to use them whilst you may download directly from the manufactures internet site. Once again, this is what I have been doing for years to live virus unfastened.

If you have been writing a piece of a malicious software program to be profitable, you’ll write the software to run on the most usually used platform. Therefore, in case you, the person, are using an operating gadget or browser that isn’t always the ‘maximum used,’ you are substantially lowering (and likely doing away with) your threat of having inflamed.

These exchange options have become less complicated to apply. I personally use a flavor of Linux referred to as Ubuntu on my personal computer. An Ubuntu or a Mac OS X gadget will not see an endemic for a LONG, LONG time. The more of the non-public computer market proportion that Macs or Ubuntu start taking, the more likely malware authors will begin considering writing malware for those structures. It is not that those structures are free from contamination (something techies like to debate). Still, as a substitute, it’s far simply no longer practical for malware authors to spend time locating a venerability after which writing software to exploit that hole.


What to do once inflamed – There are many assets you may make use of too easy for your device. Online assets include ‘malware removal forums’ wherein educated technicians will paint with you and develop step-via-step instructions for cleaning your system. Some famous websites with a quite skilled technician to help eliminate viruses are; GeeksToGo.Com or BleepingComputer.Com. If you do no longer want to address disposing of the virus yourself, you may contact a neighborhood computer repair save. I run a neighborhood computer restore keep that services the primary Ohio regions.

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Rick L Jones is the proprietor of Integrity Computer Services. Integrity Computer Services offers laptop restore and community management solutions to the important Ohio vicinity. He will graduate from Western Governors University with a Bachelors of Science in Information Technology and presently holds five industry-recognized I.T. Certifications.

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