8 Tips to Maintain Your Car in the Best Condition

8 Tips to Maintain Your Car in the Best Condition

Have you just bought a new car and you intend to keep it for several years? Regular maintenance is absolutely essential. It starts with a car wash, cleaning, checking tire pressure, checking oil and other fluid levels. Here are some tips that will help your vehicle age well and stay faithful for as long as possible!

1. Secure your car

Small cracks in the car’s windshield are one of the most common car damages. Yet many people don’t know that these repairs are costly. Fortunately, there are insurance policies that specifically focus on these types of damage. Also keep in mind that if you are not insured for this type of event and you still want to claim it, it is not accepted by every insurer. Be sensible and cover yourself well with strong insurance to prevent problems and keep the value of your car intact.

2. Measure the oil level of your car regularly

You probably learned it at your first driving lesson: it is essential to measure the oil level of the car frequently. Yet the majority of people with a driver’s license forget to do it regularly. The oil level must always be checked before each ride. If you come with a low oil level, the costs are very high, and the consequences for your car are also not tender. For most cars, oil changes are recommended for every 5000 kilometres. However, ask your mechanic about the type of oil used by your vehicle and make sure to follow their recommendations for the frequency of changes.

3. Keep the interior clean

You should remember to keep the interior of your car in good condition. If you have leather upholstery, you should give it a proper treatment. Keep your car’s interior clean and tidy to maintain it in good shape as long as possible.

4. A good wash

It should not be a surprise for you, but the occasional washing of your car helps to get rid of dirt and calcium that, in the long run, can promote the appearance of rust on the body. The occasional waxing of your car also allows the paint to look younger for a long time.

5. Antifreeze

During the winter time, the antifreeze can be bought at almost every local store. Everyone understands that they have to fill the car thoroughly with antifreeze to prevent freezing. If you doubt whether your car is picking up the antifreeze fluid, then use a proper antifreeze tester. How to choose the best antifreeze? Well, it’s always advisable to do some research before purchasing car products.

6. Keep the tension in tires optimal

Car tires must have excellent pressure for best road holding and fuel consumption. When a car tire is too soft, your car will consume more petrol than the average. You can test your car tires by driving your car to the petrol station. Most petrol stations have their own tire meter where you can check how your tires are very accurately.

7. Make sure if your car definitely needs a repair

It may sound unfortunate, but many car owners have no idea what are actual costs for car maintenance and can often be easily tricked by a car mechanic. Always make sure that you have someone with you who understands business and also has some knowledge of the financial side of the car repairs.

8. Drive intelligently

The way you drive will have a direct influence on how your vehicle ages. If you’re accustomed to accelerating and braking hard all the time, do not expect your car to break longevity records!


As you can see, there are many various factors to keep in mind to enjoy the long life of your car. Remember the tips mentioned in this article to maintain your vehicle in the best condition as long as possible.



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