3 Tips for Servicing and Maintaining Your Armoured Vehicle

So, lately, you have purchased your own armored vehicle, which you have been longing for quite a while. And now that you have it at your doorstep, your worries in regards to transportation of your valuable items and the safety of your loved ones seem to fade away. But, do you know that just like other types of vehicles, your armored car demands regular servicing and preventive maintenance measures?

3 Tips for Servicing and Maintaining Your Armoured Vehicle 47

Well, if you haven’t thought of it till yet, it the just the right time now. As an armored car owner, you should know that taking specific measures about servicing and maintaining your vehicle is highly crucial if you want to increase its performance and functionality and decrease the amount spent on its repairs in the future. In fact, it is required if you wish to economize your time and money in the long run.

However, preventative maintenance and servicing need to be carried out according to a proper schedule, so there are regularity and a lesser scope of exaggerating existing problems. It is just like getting a regular health check-up from the doctor to ensure if your body is working perfectly and taking proactive measures before anything becomes a major issue.

Have a read through some of the vital tips to help you to keep your vehicle in its best condition –

Read the instruction manual thoroughly.

Before planning servicing and maintenance, the first and foremost obligation is to pay proper attention to the instruction manual that has come along with your vehicle. It contains all sorts of information about the features, parts of the car, and what you can do to keep them in great condition. It would dictate when you should change the oil, the timing belt in your vehicle, etc.

This complicated piece of technology can be well-tackled with a manual that serves as a comprehensive guide to know what and when your vehicle needs something.

Do your inspection

The best way to ensure that your armored car is functioning up to the mark is to carry out basic inspections on your end. Checking if the headlights are working properly and the level of air pressure in your tires is not rocket science and can be monitored on your own. Also, pay attention to any strange sounds inside and outside the car, and contact expert assistance if you find anything unusual.

Conducting regular inspections of your armored car would help you in detecting any problems way before time.

Carry out timely repairs and replacements

Identifying the problem is not enough if necessary measures are not taken to solve it. So, when you find any strange and unexplainable issues during your inspection, you should immediately get it resolved either by repairing it or replacing it completely.

Replacing the serpentine belts, cabin air filter, and engine filter when necessary, changing the worn-out batteries and spark plugs are some of the essential things to be considered.

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