5 Common Misconceptions About Online Time and Attendance Software

Though many businesses have still not adopted online time clock software, there are some fantastic benefits to using such a solution. It can be a way for your entire team to get on the same page and create a happier work environment. This may seem like a bold statement when it comes to technology. However, when your employees know they are getting paid accurately for each minute on the clock, they know their time is worth something. It is up to you as the owner or manager to use the technology to your advantage.

Your team will appreciate you more, and it may help you stay out of legal trouble. These all sound like great qualities, right? They are! Unfortunately, there are also some common misconceptions around online time and attendance software that we need to put to rest finally.


5 Misconceptions About Online Time Clock Software

With all of the latest and greatest technology being created, there are also rumors of how it may harm your business. Using online timesheet software will not negatively impact your business. In fact, it will help your business operations run more smoothly.

Here are the five biggest misconceptions about online time and attendance software.

●      It Isn’t Safe To Use

This is a HUGE myth that is absolutely not true. Adopting an online time and attendance can actually help improve safety. You will know who is on the clock if anyone is late, and it can alert you if one of your team members has missed punching in altogether. On top of that, all the information collected through the online timecard system is for your eyes only and can only be available to those you grant access to. It is much safer than a filing cabinet that can be broken into.

●      It Tells Your Team You Don’t Trust Them.

Many people fall for the misconception that by implementing online time and attendance software, you’re telling your employees you don’t trust them. The reality is, by using such a solution, you can step back as an owner or manager and let your team be accountable for their shift. They can punch time independently without you hovering around checking your watch for the exact minute they start working. It shows you trust them enough to punch time on their own and take responsibility.

●      The System Is Hard To Use

Any online time and attendance vendor you choose will be able to help you set it up to meet your business needs and teach you everything required to use it efficiently. Most time clock solutions are relatively simple to set up but rest assured you will never be left in the dark to fend for yourself. A customer service representative can walk you through each feature and functionality. Then you can take what you learn and teach it to your team.

●      It Tracks Your Employees Everywhere

This is not true! When you have employees who work from home or on the road, they must be logged into the job clock and agree to the conditions. Most often, an online time and attendance system will only track your employees when they are punched in, but this varies from one solution to the next. The GPS information gathered is secure from outsiders. Only you, as the business owner or whoever is in charge of employee management, will see this information.

●      Technical Issues Will Mess Up Pay

There are occasionally technical issues; this part is true. However, most time, tracking data is backed up online, so you can rest assured that no information will be lost if a technical issue does arise. This guarantees that pay, hours, and all data are secure and correct. Additionally, most online time and attendance vendors have technical support on standby who is happy to help at any given moment.

There are so many benefits of using online time and attendance software, enhancing your business in many ways. Adopting this technology can bring your team closer together and help run your business smoother on a day-to-day basis. Many misconceptions have come out about clock in and out software, but most are not valid. You must take the time to research different systems and pick the one that will benefit your company and your workers the most.

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