This Life Is an Audition for the Next

I am often asked, “What is my purpose in life?”, “Why am I right here?” “What does God have planned for me?” and so, even though I even have touched on some of these topics earlier than, I feel that it is vital to include a number of them collectively truly because of the gross false impression of this very crucial difficulty to many people.


Some people never appear to make a considerable effort at existence, prefer alternatively to hanging around in life, and anticipate something properly to take place to you or die. I assume a good deal of this is due to unsuitable thoughts approximately God which have been taught, now not best in church buildings, spiritual establishments, and their misleading religious dogma but additionally in faculties, in “self-help” books and through psychologists and scientists alike making existence appear without any definite reason and useless. It seems like there must be a few secret, hidden, elusive meaning to existence that may in no way be discovered by way of the regular individual, and that no matter how difficult you strive, you’re bound to be met employing frustration, failure, and finally demise and positive destruction, however, this is ways from the fact.

This kind of outlook is based totally in part on some distorted concept that the universe is in some way pre-determined in its movements, set into motion by using and capricious god with the to be had strength beginning to expand on the very moment creation became finished and destined to crumble in a few final cataclysmic occasion at some time in the destiny, with all lifestyles as you are aware of it finishing with annihilation and extinction and you to your gift existence, assembly with something pretty comparable simplest on an extra on the spot time scale.

With this sort of future to sit up for, it is no wonder that humans can fall into malaise and despair, believing that lifestyles have no actual meaning and that private extinction awaits at their demise, so it in no way takes place to them that by dwelling their lifestyles the pleasant they could within their non-public capability and obstacles, they’re fulfilling lifestyles’ requirements via virtually BEING. You tend to suppose that sure mysterious, physical accomplishments are required to satisfy your cause to God for giving you life. If that were the case, there might be no desire for those who die in childbirth or soon after a while.

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Lives come and go, not that every life is not critical, due to the fact they are vital, and the destiny does not quit with loss of life. In a way, dying is truely one giant step into destiny, or in this case, the continuation of a future already all started. There are a few critical motives for the existence you’re now experiencing. Also, you can’t blame your life on a few accidental sexual encounters in a second of ardor after a celebration utilizing your dad and mom. No life is ever all started by accident, and you can rightly say that no lifestyles are ever all started that was no longer already predicted by using your Soul or Entity. To the Soul, developing a new character is serious stuff, and it does not take that responsibility gently.

You got here into this existence with a plan you created before you were born, which you have deliberately precipitated yourself to forget. This is for practical reasons that must do with being capable of confronting and reply to events without a pre-current actuality of the predicted final results; in any other case, the effects might be laid low with that previous understanding could be no want for striving to acquire.

You are alleged to create, experience, and research from the whole lot your lifestyle touches. In so doing, develop in love and creativity and inside the system, increase your cognizance, and fulfill your life motive. However, it would help if you did all of this without prior know-how that you wrote the script for the “drama” of your existence. No existence starts without reason or a subject matter, and yours is no special. (see an article of August 14, Life Themes across Time.)

Now, if you don’t believe that existence maintains after physical death, then what I say from here on will maintain little that means for you. Still, in case you do consider as you must that existence is everlasting. You definitely have adequate reason to understand the significance of what you do in this lifestyle, and employing it provides it new meaning.

You are basically in this life, auditioning in your subsequent lifestyles, or have to, I say, laying the groundwork in your next lifestyles, and what you do right here will have an effect on the “drama” of your next existence that you may once more write and act out another time in this physical world and once again, like the absent-minded professor, you’ll overlook which you wrote the script. There is one exception: if you are ready to adapt to the bodily system and discover new demanding situations in more advanced systems. In the one’s instances, existence maintains only on a whole lot exclusive phrases than now.

The life you’re dwelling now with all of its demanding situations, its heartaches, its tragedies, successes, loves, hates and accomplishments is colored and shaded by your (final existence experience), so you can anticipate if your present existence is full of problems and tragedies, it is a minimum in part due to the fact you put it up that way via your movements in a beyond life.

Of path, I am referring here to reincarnation, and I might recommend that if you give little regard to your actions in this life, then you can’t rail at the heavens cursing God for the troubles you will come across for your next physical existence. Your overall experience of this existence is the result of moves in preceding lives, and if this lifestyle is much less than you desire, you can blame no one, however yourself. Reoccurring problems may not floor inside the next existence, but in a manner, you could say that “the paper should be paid” sometime, someplace, even though the time and area may be centuries in the future in distant lands.

I am no longer referring to the “Karma” impact as it applies to misdeeds, as plenty as I am speaking about a herbal go with the flow of life from one existence to any other. You will stay again in every other age, as some other person, possibly another gender, another race, a new name, and a new personality. Still, you may maintain the inner “You” of you and the equal identity, and that can by no means be assailed or dwindled. Sometimes I absolutely desire to sit down a person down and shake them and make them remember that they may be inherent of good intent; they were now not born in sin. They may be undoubtedly everlasting beings, but many write to me expressing the little wish of the continuation of life after the bodily loss of life.

When you act inside the present, your movements aren’t best relevant in your everyday lifestyles and your amassed series of experiences on this bodily body on this life, however, will become indelible for your general psychic series of private information, recorded in electrical and chemical fields perpetually and can be genetically drawn on in future existences. No “Important” reminiscence is ever misplaced from one life to any other. The expertise of preceding lives is genetically coded inside the chromosomes of your present body. However, aware knowledge of them will remain hidden for plenty of reasons, one in every one of them being, which you have sufficient problem dealing with the revel in of 1 lifetime at a time, let alone understand many lives. You would virtually be overwhelmed and swamped with facts that your recognition could not keep right now.


No movement or no enjoyment is ever misplaced or out of place either, and your first thought as an infant still exists nowadays and is as real in its own area as a rock for your lawn. No idea, idea, or imagine is ever lost, and nothing is wasted in the complete universe. It then behooves you to stay this life, now not carefully, but with exuberance, confident which you, in your cutting-edge actions, are laying an excellent foundation for a “Life to Come” in the destiny. All this is anticipated in which you do as precise as you may.

I am now not inferring right here which you need to be a do-gooder, a non secular icon, walking softly and talking quietly with head hung in submissive subservience to God. I am not suggesting you have to spend your Sundays groveling for your knees in holy reverence in a church. I am not even saying which you have to learn to inspire, religious quotations in the Bible, Dao, Tao, or hunker down in some mountain pinnacle cave or monastery residing your existence in seclusion considering your navel.

I am actually suggesting that you live your lifestyles to the fullest inside your very own scope of focus to gain yourself and your compatriots and, to the great of your abilities, inflict no harm on others. Of course, that includes all living focus, i/e, the animals and different creatures that proportion the planet with you. In this manner, you are putting the outlet act in your subsequent existence drama, and you won’t be dissatisfied with the consequences.

I like the saying that holds real for this life or future lifestyles, and this is not a symbolic assertion;

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