Why the Beauty Industry Hates Men

There are many inside the Beauty Industry who might disagree with this article collection. In fact, they would shrug and say: “We don’t recognize what the fuss is all approximately. We’re easy to do enterprise with – you do not like our retail locations, you may go online. You do not use the quite makeup bag of unfastened lipsticks and mascara, then discover a female to give them to. Of route our merchandise is not artsy fartsy – they’re no longer all pink and quite and we have long past out of our manner to cause them to ‘guy pleasantly’. What’s incorrect with recruiting ladies to do our bidding? What’s wrong with advertising and marketing campaigns that are seeking for to feminize guys? It’s working, is not it? The new age, metro-sexual guy is in and masculine men are actually oh so passé…”

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As tempting as it’s far to shred that standpoint and reveal its caustic, moral financial ruin with a fair greater in-depth remedy than we have already given in this article series, we’ll save it for any other day and simply take a quick observe one element – the Beauty Industry’s cookie cutter technique to creating what it considers to be ‘male pleasant’ men’s pores and skin care and men’s anti-aging merchandise.

If we were to gather each brand of men’s pores and skin care and guys’ anti-aging merchandise currently in the marketplace and vicinity they facet by using aspect, you will notice a couple of factors right away. First, the number one (history) colors – the overwhelming majority are in all likelihood variations of black, blue, grey, and earth-tones – hues that the Beauty Industry considers to be ‘manly’ and relevant to ALL guys, even as the relaxation take a ‘medicinal’ (bare-bone white) technique.

Now zoom in at the label and you’ll see the female influence from which maximum if no longer all of these so referred to as men’s skin care merchandise have been conceived. Among other feminine characteristics in hiding, notice how the overwhelming majority still depend upon the splendor terminology of their very woman counterparts, e.G. Serum, moisturizer, cream, and many others.

These conventional girl beauty terms are emasculating for guys who perceive with the masculine best and attempt to maintain up their male photograph. And there has been very little effort made by using the Beauty Industry to cope with guys’ popular preference for simplicity and capability via harmonizing the terminology of vital men’s pores and skin care products. In reality, the Beauty Industry is known for taking the alternative technique.

While a moisturizer is largely nonetheless a moisturizer with the aid of any other name, the Beauty Industry is notoriously innovative with regards to inventing new descriptions as a means of putting an emblem other than the competition, never-thoughts the confusion this creates for the consumer. For example, what’s typically known as a ‘moisturizer’ can be marketed below ‘lotion’, ‘complicated’, ‘balm’, ‘therapy’, ‘cream’, ‘replenisher’, ‘hydration’, ‘renewed’, ‘nourishment’, ‘essence’, ‘elevate’ and so on. Even descriptions which have some masculine resonance, which includes ‘rebuilder’ and ‘defense’, are still extra confusing than sensible.

It would be irresponsible to categorically disregard the Beauty Industry’s efforts in growing merchandise that enchantment to men. True, masculine men are not their primary customers and you don’t have enough shopping strength for the Beauty Industry to spend money on a complete and luxurious overhaul of their modern practices towards the marketing of guys’ skin care and guys’ anti-aging products.

It is not a lot the lack of effort, nor resources – it is that the cutting-edge Beauty Industry as an entire, is so neck deep within the mold of female beauty traditions and effects that have described and constrained the Beauty Industry for nearly 200 years that it cannot destroy unfastened and find answers that ought to be sought outdoor of the box. As a result, it is a method toward the introduction and advertising and marketing of guys’ skincare and men’s anti-aging products are systematically cookie cutter and shallow.

Rocket Scientists will say that what they do is easy – once you realize what to do. And within the same light, fixing the Beauty Industry’s Billion-Dollar Man Problem is straightforward… When you (the Beauty Industry) realize what to do.

And what is that know-how? It’s truly the attention that, to engage masculine men and allow them to spend billions of bucks boosting the Beauty Industry’s revenues and income, it is time to put apart old models and practices, and attain out to men on their terms, in their global, and in a way that is aligned with their masculine nature. This is what it’s about:

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Candace Chen is the world’s main authority on the marketing of Masculine Face Care ™ (men’s skincare and men’s anti-getting old) merchandise, her credentials include over 150 U.S. And global patents issued and pending. She is likewise the founder of the FaceLube Marketing System and FaceLube, the Home of Ultra Masculine Face Care for a Man’s Man®. FaceLube is Ultra High-End Masculine Men’s Anti-Aging Technology with the whole lot he needs, not anything he doesn’t.

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