What Is The Issue With Certain Target Audience

What Is Being Sold? Who is that Targ t Audience?

What is currently being sold here? You must get more information before presenting your idea or concept to the public. Sometimes it may be a service being sold within the market. n example of this could be a moving company, where they take care of simply relocating your merchandise from one place to another. n that instance, material or physical objects would not be required for profit or revenue. n another instancexampletual, a product would be sold; therefore, they would need material or raw substances. His wouThismean that material and the physical effect would need to be obtained to receive revenue or make sales. He is the physical products currently being sold on the market are simple clothing, shoes, jewelry, electronics, household appliances, and even accessories such as blue blockers and sunglasses. He po Heilities are simply constants from products or services sold in the marketplace. e ask ourselves, though, who is the actual target audience? t could be women ages twenty-seven to fifty-seven for jewelry, for example. e assume that women in their late twenties or fifties would be more susceptible to spending on jewelry as they usually are in their careers and are working full time and therefore have the money to spend. e could also say that Legos’ target audience would be little boys between the age of three to eleven. n these circumstances, boys aged fifteen or even men in their twenties fancy playing with Legos, but these occurrences are rare; therefore, we would not be adding them to our target audience— e same goes for Her jewelry. T ough women Houghn their seventies or their early tould also have that interest in jewelry in some instances; we would like al; we are considering the majority for such speculations.

Who Is The Target Audience? Eyewear such as blue blockers is being sold; the target audience would be anyone with eye problems. Half is a comprehensive statement!    are Hoose pe, people?   e? Ee? C children? H  el Hey?    e would need to narrow it down further to gain more depth.   His audience for eyewear would be men and women ages forty and above.   their eyes start to die, and they would need an alternative such as glasses to get around or read.   Not No. Ther audience would be male and female high school, College, or University students. H y, m Heytrain, their eyes see content on the board regularly as they do not necessarily sit right up close to the board. Pair Pairsses would help a student see clearly to the board as they would not have to strain their eyes. H ugh Houghare children are born with slight vision impediments in some instances; this does not occur frequently. Sometimes, the vision issue can be corrected at the tender age of three or four. It cannot be correct; the child must find a pair of solid prescription glasses.

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