The ‘God’ Program

By, or simply explaining Life, the Universe, and Everything with “God executed it,” is just substituting one thriller via attractive to an excellent larger thriller. Just pronouncing “God carried out it” has no actual explanatory energy. On the opposite hand, explaining Life, the Universe and Everything as a laptop software program program, a ‘God’ Program because it was, can account for all anomalies. With software, all things are possible – even explaining God.


According to at least one theist of my online acquaintance, if God knows each feasible final result and what He will do in every case, there are no surprises… Because a being who is aware of the complete flowchart would not want to assume or ponder.

That raised an interesting scenario for me.

“If God is aware of each feasible final result and what He will do in each case… ”

The word “what He will do” calls for His real thought, contemplation, and decision-making. Otherwise, one is simply suggesting that God is a pre-programmed robotic who will robotically reply and do A if B and C if not-B and so on. Every possibility is in God’sbrain’ now not because God deduced all opportunities thru concept and contemplation and purpose and deduction; however, because of this pre-programmed chip that is pre-programmed with all possible scenarios and all reactions to each and each possibility, consequently eliminating any requirement for thinking and deliberation and contemplation and decision-making. In different phrases, God is akin to that pc that subsequently defeated the human chess champion because the pc knew – inside the same way my theist buddy says God knows – each viable move the human ought to make and what to do to counter those actions. The laptop had the chess flowchart mapped out. God is a laptop! That’s exactly what this theist was pronouncing or instead suggesting. The proof…

“… Because a being who knows the entire flowchart would not want to suppose or ponder” seems to verify my premise. The phrases of a theist verify my premise!

If God knows each feasible situation – the definition of the grasp flowchart that carries all viable flowcharts – then there may be no unfastened will concerned, just determinism. A laptop software application is deterministic; there may be no loose will concerned.


Let’s take a more in-depth appearance!

God – assuming there really is a God of the route – may additionally or won’t know the absolute destiny. Still, one may want to argue that God should know the future due to the fact He set the genuinely deterministic laws, ideas, and relationships inherent in and of the physical sciences. Causality is absolute. If X these days, then Y the next day. However, there is one nasty can of worms, an unfastened cannon, in that deterministic scenario – free will.

It has been claimed that God knows absolutely the future apart from what those nasty free-willed human beings (and many animals) can and will do. However, God recognizes every feasible state of affairs that each of these loose-willed people (and animals) can or will do. God knows all the unfastened-willed human (and animal) flowcharts and, as a result, can cater before-the-truth to address something state of affairs eventuates. That struck me as equal as the laptop software that defeated the human chess champion. That computer software application knew the whole flowchart of each viable pass the human chess champion should make and how to counteract every possible human circulate. So, God is comparable to a computer or higher but a pc software program software.

At first, I thought that equating God with a laptop become first-rate, but I became wrong about equating God with a computer. God isn’t the laptop. God is simply the real laptop software program software that runs the virtual fact ‘sport’ that we name Life, the Universe, and Everything. Let’s call this the ‘God’ Program, the pc software which could address all of those loose will opportunities or eventualities. In a laptop/video game, the pc software program ‘is aware of the complete feasible sport flowchart and has to cater for all viable scenarios generated by way of the loose-willed human participant(s). But notice that there is not anything supernatural approximately a laptop software program software. As a consequence, if God is similar to a pc software application, then there’s nothing supernatural about God.

So the query is not how is God the writer but rather how changed into God the created? Here’s a scenario. It’s the year 2525, and fairly technologically superior beings (possibly human) have created the maximum advanced and sophisticated computer software program yet performed, which they name ‘God’ (or perhaps the “God’ Program), and this ‘God’ Program creates and controls a digital fact landscape called Life, the Universe, and Everything. Along with you and I, we are simply ‘current’ as a part of what we understand as our sincerely real 2017 reality. Still, actually we ‘exist’ in that ‘God’ generated virtual 2017 truth panorama – 2017 being a part of the ‘God’-generated simulation. That digital truth landscape called Life, the Universe, and Everything works. Again, there’s not anything supernatural approximately it.

But a pc software program application – the ‘God’ Program – calls for a creator. Therefore ‘God’ turned into created in our image, so to speak, humans are that author.

So the question is, a variation on a previous subject, who or what clearly wrote the laptop software program program, the ‘God’ Program? But something who or what programmed the ‘God’ Program, that programmer(s) once more does not should be supernatural even supposing the programmer(s) are so particularly technologically superior that they could seem like magical or supernatural – Arthur C. Clarke’s Third Law.

Dropping down one stage, we are no longer supernatural. Yet, we program our video/laptop video games via our innovative capabilities, and possibly those video/computer sports characters we’ve created may view us as supernatural. Of the route, they would be wrong. One may see a parallel here with a number of our contemporary religions.

It is regularly claimed that God ‘exists’ in an undying and changeless country that is absolute rubbish IMHO because that very act of original although requires a temporal life and a temporal existence requires alternate.

But, a laptop software program application – the ‘God’ Program – isn’t, of course, undying, and it isn’t always changeless, and it does not exist in an undying or changeless state of life. Yet it doesn’t assume, decide, ponder, deliberate, or whatever other synonyms you care to apply.

Backing up once more one degree, here’s a sensible application of the ‘God’ Program. Now, if you are inclined to accept based totally on one e book’s texts, that masses of human beings claimed they saw a supernatural Jesus (earlier than, throughout, and after). However, there is no unbiased verification of any of this which you your self should make by yourself and for yourself regarding the one’s supernatural claims, and yet you are (probable) not willing to accept the (normally manner greater latest) testimony of tens of millions of humans over heaps of years who have witnessed different (it cannot be therefore it isn’t always vs. I know what I saw) anomalies – ghosts, dragons, fairies, aliens, Bigfoot, etc. – then it really is a double widespread. One isn’t any extra credible than the other. But both can be assimilated into the ‘God’ Program (or in extra commonplace parlance, the Simulation Hypothesis) with no hassle.

'God' Program

Here’s every other version of that situation or topic. If we are virtual beings ‘current’ in a laptop software program software – the ‘God’ Program – that has generated our simulated panorama referred to as Life, the Universe and Everything, then there may be no purpose why all mythological beings, from dragons to Horus; from leprechauns to Odin; from fairies to Apollo, couldn’t have also ‘existed’ albeit honestly. What software program can carry into existence, the software can terminate. That equally applies to all of the alleged occasions and characters in the Bible, which includes the supernatural beings – angels, demons, in addition to the Trinity itself. Further, it effortlessly accounts for any supernatural events or miracles related in Biblical texts, just like the Sun and the Moon status nonetheless inside the sky; the creation of a female from a male rib; Jonah inside the ‘whale’ dwelling to tell the tale; or the diverse accounts of what quantities to pure alchemy. With computer software programs, all matters are really viable.

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