Learn how to install broadband the right way!

The Internet has become a necessity both in the workspace and at home. A broadband connection helps you to access the Internet provided by an Internet Service Provider. You can get a broadband connection from any ISPs in your area. Talk to your neighbors and people in your locality to find out which link gives the best speed and robust customer support. You can also conduct a Google search for broadband connections near me to know more.

After you have decided on an ISP, contact them, and set a date to install the broadband. Usually, the ISP’s agent will assist you with the installation. You can follow the steps below to install the broadband yourself if such assistance is not provided.


A step-by-step guide to installing broadband.

Follow the below steps to complete your broadband installation in no time!

Unpack your broadband package

The first and foremost step is to check if you have everything required for the installation. Your broadband package delivered by your ISP should include the following:

  • A modem or a router, along with a power adapter
  • Internet cable
  • Telephone cable
  • 1 ADSL splitter
  • Phone filters

Quickly check your package to see if all the above items are present.

Connecting your telephone to ADSL

Most broadband providers still provide a telephone connection, so you must take a landline. The rental cost for the landline is almost non-existent these days, and calls are mostly free. Check with your ISP to understand more.

You need to connect the telephone line to the ADSL splitter if you already have a telephone connection. Since broadband works on digital signals and telephones on analog, the ADSL splitter helps to split both signs to avoid mix-ups.

You can start by taking out your telephone from the wall socket. Connect the ADSL splitter there.

Use the phone filters for other telephone connections

If you have multiple telephone connections, you can use phone filters. It would help if you connected the same between your phone and the wall socket. The phone filter doesn’t split the signals but filters out the digital signals.

Connect your phone to the ADSL port

In this step, you need to use the telephone port that came with the package. Connect the same to the splitter’s DSL port labeled ‘Tel’.

Connect the telephone cable to the modem/router

Now take the other end of the telephone cable and connect it to the router/modem. You can easily identify the right port for the line on the modem.

Connect the internet cable

Use the internet cables provided in the package to connect to the Internet. Plug one end of the line into the modem/router and the other into the internet port on your computer.

The internet port is located at the back of the computer near the speaker ports in a PC, whereas the port is located on the sides of a laptop.

Switch on the modem/router

Connect the router/modem using the adapter to a power outlet. Could you switch it on and press the power button?

The lights in the modem/router will start blinking. It means the device is booting up. Once the light steadies, it identifies that you are connected to the Internet.

Now, turn on your computer or laptop, open your web browser, and start using the connection. You can see ‘connected to the internet or access notifications on your taskbar.


If you don’t want to install your new broadband connection alone, you can go for ISPs like Airtel and others. These operators will establish the broadband connection for you.

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