How a Website Redesign Increased Organic Traffic by ninety nine% in 8 Months [CASE STUDY]

There might be an assumption that a lovely link profile method on the spot scores and large organic visitors, but there may be a fact that plagues many massive companies that forestalls them from leveraging the asset of an excessive domain authority internet site.

That is management that doesn’t see the value in spending tens (or loads) of heaps of dollars to transform their website if you want to leverage their domain authority efficiently.

Web Design

This case looks at targets to provide virtual entrepreneurs and SEOs ammunition to take to their clients or senior leaders and show how this investment can basically change a business enterprise’s success. This is not rocket technological know-how. It is actually doing the right factor with the proper human beings and the right studies. I do not promise equal effects. However, I can promise that the return could be really worth it.

The Results

Watching website site visitors explode as a digital marketer is a form like a tumbler getting home run throughout a 3-hitter. You desire that result; however, when you have reasonable expectancies, you don’t count on that degree of fulfillment, and surprise ensues when it takes place. I have been part of many website overhauls and have visible high-quality outcomes, but it in no way receives old and is by no means ceases to amaze me. These are the metrics (yr over yr for January 2017 compared to 2016):
How Did We Do It?

I will begin this segment by announcing that there’s no manner to absolutely explain the quantity of labor and attention to elements that this assignment entailed. All these kinds of approaches required hundreds of hours to perform and a middle organization of men and women who committed a tremendous quantity of time to the attempt.

In a sense, a “whatever it takes” mentality is the primary tactic necessary for this type of venture. If the complete employer isn’t on board and if you don’t have inner purchase-in from start to finish, the project will either fail, or the effects will no longer be nearly as dazzling as they may have been.

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Kill the One Agency Model

It is simpler and cheaper to go to an unmarried enterprise for an internet site mission. However, the hassle with this version is that no one enterprise can do the whole lot properly, irrespective of what an enterprise development professional might tell you. We broke down the challenge into 5 buckets:

Branding: The voice and the appearance/sense of the website.
Web Strategy: On-page (keyword studies, and so on.) and technical search engine optimization (redirect method, etc.), person journey studies, page kind requirements, and development oversight.
Design: Applied the internet approach research and advanced page templates. Development oversight.
Content: We handled this in-house. Our content material crew almost killed themselves to get this released on time.
Natural Language and Keyword Research

It is exciting how ingrained internal jargon is in maximum groups. I even have noticed regularly that the greater user-pleasant an internet site is to internal customers, the greater disturbing it is to outside visitors. At the beginning of an internet site mission, the whole enterprise ought to decide to develop an internet site that makes sense to humans who have no idea approximately the inner workings of your employer. This is where key-word studies are prime.

One must write content and build your menu and placement architecture in a manner that makes sense to someone who has by no means heard of your enterprise. Otherwise, you will see huge jump rates for your natural site visitors.

This also translated into a massive rank will increase for our pinnacle-stage keywords. As an instance, the keyword “church planting” becomes consistent on web page four of the SERPs. Today it’s far now continuously within the top 5 positions. This is nearly familiar across the complete corporation and explains the triple-digit increases in organic site visitors.

Content Marketing and Merging Microsites

The biggest push-back that I had going into this venture become a hesitancy amongst our inner gadgets to kill their micro-websites. We had seven websites across diverse platforms with various traffic levels but an established lack of respectable organic visitors.

The trouble that I confronted was that they were additionally growing the nice content material across the enterprise. Education on domain authority and their preference to play ball made the undertaking manageable. However, I will admit that I by no means expected the consequences I saw. One outside blog, in particular, noticed a 142% growth in organic visitors, and the other websites have seen comparable outcomes.

This workout’s exceptional component is that it kicked off our content marketing strategy and unified our content production. This has allowed us to be greater efficient and keep brand voice and message across our entire enterprise. Saying that this has been a recreation changer would be an irony.

Redirect Strategy

Everyone has as a minimum one horror tale of entering an employer that didn’t suppose it became vital to do one-to-one 301 redirects. These redirects are not the simplest essential for retaining your link profile; it’s also an excellent opportunity to kill irrelevant content. We killed content material that met all of the following standards:

Older than 3 years
No external links
Less than 100-page perspectives in the closing 3 months.
Obviously, your organization’s strategy can be one of a kind based totally on the diffusion of factors.

Considering that our modern site has almost 12,000 pages, we could find an organization capable of automating the manner, saving us lots of greenbacks and a ton of complications. The redirect method turned into the one component that kept me up at night however ended up being one of the most first-rate studies of the mission (nice is relative).

User-Centric Design

Finding a brilliant layout partner who can power visitors to motion is important. Good design is supposed to, without a doubt, keep the hand of your visitor thru the consumer adventure in a manner this is satisfactory and intuitive. Few designers do that well. Looking accurate does not constantly translate right into a nicely-designed website. Design isn’t always a place to skimp. It takes specialists (not your pal’s nephew) who recognize what they may be doing.

Web Design

In Conclusion

Though many of those approaches may appear intuitive to those who paintings day in and time out in SEO and content material marketing, senior leadership sees their internet site as little greater than a digital brochure in many massive agencies. Even whilst those leaders recognize the value of an amazing internet site, many of the ones same leaders don’t have any hassle skimping on design and web approach.

I hope this situation examination helps you exhibit how a nicely-notion out internet site is a vital investment. Tens of heaps of greenbacks would possibly appear excessive, even to a business enterprise organization. However, it is an investment that returns in spades.

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