From Benji B to hugs: this week’s fashion tendencies

What’s hot and what’s not in fashion this week Fri 12 Apr 2019 12.00 BST Last changed on Fri 12 Apr 2019 12.Fifty-six BST Shares 6 Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Fleabag face. Photograph: BBC/Steve Schofield Going up Fleabag face Urge to “look to camera” mid-communique, breaking thru the fourth wall. See Emily Maitlis. Bikini brights Lush, newly released, eco-friendly neon swimming wear logo We Are We Wear. Goes up to length 26. Finally. Indoor/outdoor shoes Specifically, All birds, as worn through Alan in Russian Doll.

From Benji B to hugs: this week’s fashion tendencies 47

Benji B Fashion’s preferred DJ (he’s worked with Phoebe Philo and Virgil Abloh) has a late-night time Radio 1 display. Worth staying conscious for. Eyelid jewelry Solange these days wore a “browbone bar” instead of mascara. The new no-makeup? Sure. They are being knead-y Gua sha: the facial rub down taking on Instagram. Going down Succulents Dried plants are changing cacti about can’t-be-killed indoor flowers. Hugs It’s all about the “cuddle puddle,” thanks to Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson. Gypsophila Bye-bye, child’s breath – the cherry blossom is the pass-to flower this season. Simone Rocha’s a fan. Neo Clumpy, intimidating Matrix boots are the brand new Matrix sunglasses, FYI.

Clothes! We all wear them! But occasionally, they may be the motive of foremost frustration while a thread snags, the fabric is pilled past notion, or your dress merely is NOT staying in the region. And extra frequently than not, the precise equipment to restoration said problems aren’t reachable while you’re out and at the pass (or have zero cash). Enter those unsung style hacks from Reddit that price nothing and feature more common gadgets that you can use for your handbag or stash at your table.

Trying to get within the remaining couple uses of your heavy coat before it warms up. However, it’s all matted and pilled and now not adorable? Gently take a returned-comb brush to provide it more existence (i.E., make it fuzzier). This technique additionally gets rid of heavy pilling, so your coats and sweaters will appear (nearly) as accurately as new!

Sometimes you realize you don’t have a lint curler on you, and it’s usually the moment you need it most of the route. But every other thing that’ll get all those lint fuzzies and hair off yourself is ideal old-fashioned packing tape. One Reddit person swears via Scotch packing tape: “Much stickier than a lint brush and pulls the entirety off in a single yank.” And I trust her. So if you’re ever in a pinch on the workplace before a large meeting, odds are, you can scrounge around for a roll and take a look at the power of this yourself. (And while you do discover it, hoard it at your table to keep it reachable for future use.)

One second you’re carrying a heavy earring, and the following, it drops at the floor because the again slid off—and is for all time misplaced. But you oughtn’t to go the whole day looking to hopefully rock a single earring while pretending this changed into a part of your lewk all alongside. Enter: a nifty pencil eraser that genuinely holds your studs and dangly add-ons on your earlobe.

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