Do What You Do Best – Realistic Technology Tips For Paralegals

Do What You Do Best – Realistic Technology Tips For Paralegals

You can also have heard so much about e-discovery in a previous couple of years that in case you see some other article, webinar or seminar you may burst. You may additionally experience overwhelmed with technology and that it is shifting quicker than the speed of light. You may be pissed off with those you work with, due to the fact they expect you to be knowledgeable at the state-of-the-art and best generation gear, however, while it’s time for their record assessment, you are informed to make more than one copies or print all of the files out!


The truth is that paralegals are anticipated to find a completely unique balance for every case, each felony group, and every purchaser. Paralegals have always been required to be flexible, creative and capable of juggle many ones of kind tasks. However, those traits have become extra challenging as the management of cases turns into more complex. Here are some hints to bear in mind at the same time as coping with the balancing act as we survive the evolving exercise of regulation.

Understand your function and acquire the assets you want to do your activity

Paralegals work in special environments. Some have a litigation guide professional available to help them with the complexities of dealing with electronic statistics; others are anticipated to add those obligations onto their present task description, and there are individuals who are someplace in between. Wherever you are at the spectrum, you should make sure that you apprehend the expectancies positioned upon you and that those you figure with understand your skills. Your job responsibilities are varied and getting to know new technologies is a delivered expectation. Have you been relieved of different duties with the advances in technology? Likely now not! It’s ok to be an exceptional paralegal and has a skill set whereby you upload fee and efficiencies to the control of the case, yet not necessarily be the technical processing guru. As a remember of fact, it can be that a paralegal who would not have the understanding to internally electronically system productions finally ends up spending extra time doing so – and therefore costing the customer extra money than if they paintings with a specialist who does have the know-how. Paralegals need to have a solid information about the capabilities of technology but do not need to be the expert who performs every venture. If it’s more green to delegate those duties in the quality interest of the patron because it will lower value and time involved, then it is your position to understand that and surround your self with the suitable assets. Knowing the ideal sources is critical. Technology is becoming so complicated, that specialists are evolving in all its extraordinary aspects. You can be someone who is an expert in all regions of the era, but in case you’re not, forestall beating your self up. Highly qualified paralegals can manipulate their cases and the digital aspect of them similarly correctly if they recognize their function and surround themselves with appropriate resources. An easy fee benefit analysis is a superb tool to help decide the satisfactory technique to a mission.

Reality Check – we aren’t a completely paperless society

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Despite each day blogs and articles approximately digital discovery, there may be nevertheless paper in our world and within the international of our customers. Discovery, in most people of instances, will include each. Paralegals need to assist the criminal crew with the exceptional management answer. Logic tells us that having our complete discovery in one vicinity, regardless of its authentic shape, is the simplest. Early on, this turned into done backward. Electronic statistics turned into received and revealed out. It did now not take long to understand that it’s extra efficient to scan to picture the paper and keep the digital facts in local shape, then load all of it into a litigation assist database. Managing litigation documents in litigation guide databases is turning into a requirement with maximum cases nowadays. Paralegals want to apprehend the tactics and have the capability to paintings with the felony team to make sure that these databases are mounted for the efficient review and management of discovery. The initial set up of a database and proper collection of files is the maximum essential aspect in an efficient litigation aid database. Data collections that don’t capture vital facts on the outset might be much less beneficial and might go away a poor feeling with the ones pressured to paintings with it. Likewise, knowing when it’s suitable to print out of the database is equally vital. For instance, printing deposition exhibits are suitable. Printing packing containers and bins of files to put in a chronological order for legal professional review – in all likelihood now not. This leads to the subsequent tip.

Be an advocate

You do not have to be the expert on how everything is electronically processed, however having a stable understanding of the capabilities of generation and the ability to speak with the felony crew and customers will upload fee and efficiencies to your role. It’s irritating to receive an undertaking that is so logistically complex that it throws your whole workflow in chaos. I don’t accept as true with that all people have that intention whilst asking for deliverables which are either now not possible or unduly overwhelming and burdensome. To the extent that paralegals can be worried inside the early tiers of the case, they could offer tips on the handiest methods concerning era and ensure an easy and effective system for the customer. That will every so often involve teaching the humans around you and offering opportunity answers. I’ve heard paralegals say that they have been requested to do something via a legal professional, however, knew it became not an effective way to continue. The idea, “It’s the legal professional who asked and I’m a paralegal,” so that they did what they have been informed. It’s my perception that the better technique to that circumstance might be to provide an opportunity answer, explaining how it will likely be more green and store the customer money. This technique might be welcomed by most of the people of legal professionals. Offering alternatives to improve your legal group’s managing of a project isn’t argumentative or disrespectful; it adds price to the crew.

Use generation as a device to manage your matters – no longer to update your know-how

It’s cool a good way to search thru volumes of files and transcripts and so that you can sort all of the discovery files with a click on. Back inside the “day,” we spent weeks doing those responsibilities that require just a few keystrokes nowadays. It’s now not so cool to have a lot of these abilities at your disposal and now not take advantage of them which will unfasten yourself and others on the felony group to carry out greater substantive duties. With each passing 12 months, there are extra advances with the trendy and greatest tools being delivered into our world. They are designed to help felony professionals do their jobs better, no longer to replace felony specialists. Know what you’ve got at your disposal; learn its competencies and the way to use it to assist you with your tasks to improve the efficiencies on behalf of your patron. Use the device of an era at the side of your understanding and understanding. We are nevertheless dealing with volumes of records and the volumes of facts are growing, however, we’ve got equipment to help us do that. One of the finest pitfalls I see with felony specialists is they miss out on technology as a tool; alternatively, they see it like every other factor to “do” in the case. They come to be performing their process they way they did earlier than the gear of era had been to be had, as well as trying to use the era. They emerge as doing the whole lot two times and sooner or later can’t keep up with the double workflow. Technology isn’t designed to update your understanding. It’s designed to offer you an advantage and an extra green technique to carry out your duties – imparting introduced value to you as a member of the felony crew.

Today, customers are looking for legal professionals who have strong legal guide groups to represent them. They want to look at value-added and fee savings. Knowing your strengths, surrounding yourself with green resources, maintaining a strong information and having the potential to speak the gear you need to offer customers may be an advantage that your customers will understand. Do what you do quality.

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Gayle Absi is the President of ABSI Legal Technology, Ltd., a Cleveland based totally consultant that advises attorneys on the usage of generation within the exercise of law. She is a CT Summation Certified Trainer and has widespread experience in generating electronic facts in litigation and designing and handling databases. Gayle has overseen complicated software program implementation consisting of case management and multi-region software program tasks. She has managed massive quantity document evaluate groups the usage of both CT Summation and web-based totally gear. Gayle is the founder of the Northern Ohio Chapter of The Association of Litigation Support Professionals and as its instant past President, is serving as board consultant.



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