Pokemon Go Community Day For April 2019: Time, Featured Pokemon, And Event Move

Niantic has a couple of large activities covered up for Pokemon Go next week, from a unique Latios Raid to the return of the yearly Eggstravaganza. Before that, however, the developer is preserving April’s Community Day. The month-to-month event returns this Saturday, April 13, giving gamers around the sector some other danger to earn bonuses and capture a few different Pokemon–inclusive of a brand new Shiny. Just like previous months, April’s Community Day will best run for three hours, for the duration of which you will be capable of locating accelerated spawns of this month’s featured Pokemon. While the period length is usually the equal, the details of every Community Day–which include what time it starts and what different bonuses you will be able to earn–commonly range month by month, so we’ve rounded up all of the crucial details you need to understand about this month’s event below. What Is The Featured Pokemon?

Pokemon Go Community Day For April 2019: Time, Featured Pokemon, And Event Move 47

Each Community Day, Niantic designates one “featured” Pokemon that’ll function the superstar of the event. Throughout the Community Day, the featured Pokemon will spawn extra regularly in the wild than it typically does, making it a perfect possibility to inventory upon them. On top of that, Community Days usually provide players their first opportunity to capture the Shiny model of that month’s featured Pokemon, and the monster can research an individual flow if it entirely evolves with the aid of the end of the event. The featured Pokemon for April’s Community Day is Bagon, the first shape of the fan-preferred Dragon Pokemon Salamence. Throughout the game, Bagon may be tons more common than it commonly is, and you’ll have your first chance to seize a Shiny Bagon.

Moreover, in case you manage to adapt Bagon all of the ways into Salamence up to an hour after the occasion ends, it will routinely realize the powerful Dragon-type attack Outrage. What Time Does It Start? Up until closing month, Niantic historically held every Community Day at some stage in a particular window of time, which numerous depending upon your vicinity; in North America, as an instance, the event might always run from eleven AM – 2 PM PT, at the same time as Europe’s Community Day might take place from 10 AM – 1 PM UTC. Beginning in March, but, Niantic changed the time table for Community Days. Rather than preserving the occasion for the duration of specific instances in every area, it’ll now take space everywhere from three-6 PM local time. This has to make it tons less complicated to don’t forget while the Community Day is going on, as you do not need to transform the occasion hours to your time zone. What Other Bonuses Are There?

Along withaccelerated Pokemon spawns, Niantic offers some different bonuses throughout every month’s Community Day as an additional incentive to go out and take part in the occasion. This month, you may earn triple the standard quantity of XP for capturing Pokemon at some stage in the Community Day. Additionally, Lure Modules–which typically best final 30 minutes–will stay active for 3 hours whilst used throughout the event.

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