Is Jewellery A Women-Only Accessory?

We are usually pre-disposed to think that women are the only creatures on earth that should be adorned in ornaments. And we are dead wrong to assume that. Men, too, have a say in this, and if they are put well together, they look just as stunning wearing a helix earring just like a woman would. Pets are also part of this crew that can wear jewelry as collars and name tags, but that is a discussion for another day. Today, we focus on men’s jewelry, and they are as follows:


Studs, loops, and plates are now the in-thing in men’s jewelry. Men in the show business are the most wearers of earrings since their careers are a bit more lenient on the fashion trend. Men in the corporate world shy away since you can never miss seeing an earring on a man. It is one of those things that catches your eye immediately.

Men can either choose to wear earrings on either one or both ears, and the types they go for are based on their personal tastes and sometimes the outfit!


Necklaces are a more laid-back type of men’s jewelry that looks great on any man. Some men go for the flashy and glittery gold, silver, or diamond chains, while some stick to simple bohemian designs. These bohemian designs could be made of leather, beads, or pearls. Yes,’ you read right, men can wear pearls too, just in a laid-back manner and design.

Tie clips

Men’s jewelry could also be incorporated into accessories; they would typically wear a tie clip or a tie bar. These pieces are meant to keep your tie from flying all over the place, and they look so good on a gentleman. There are so many types to choose from, but the primary kind is a plain accessory that gets the work done.


Men can also adorn their wrists with some suitable looking bracelet that completes their look. Men’s bracelets are usually plain without any hanging accessories like charms. They are a great addition that complements a man’s look, and the great thing is that any man can rock a bracelet-corporate or not.

Lapel pins

Do you have a favorite team that you cherish? Why not wear them as a lapel. The most famous lapel wearers are political leaders who represent their parties or countries in the lapel logo. They can be made into any shape, form, or size and usually makes a statement right away.


A man’s watch could also be a valuable piece of jewelry that serves two purposes, knowing the time and looking good on a man’s wrist. If one is wearing a more inclined watch to be a beauty accessory, then that type typically has more jewelry stones engraved in its make. That said, men’s watches come in all different shapes, sizes, and forms, and this list also includes smartwatches, which are a hit right now.

The watches available in the market differ in prices and designs, but these are the general rules that everyone should follow while wearing a look like an accessory. First of all, a man should wear a watch on the less dominant hand, and the second thing is that the watch should fit snugly without looking loose or tight.


These are also another set of men’s jewelry that can very well be incorporated into a man’s outfits effortlessly. Cufflinks save the purpose of holding two long sleeves together at the end without it looking tacky. It is a very classy way to do this. That said, cufflinks also come in different forms, sizes, and designs. For instance, pearl cufflinks would look exceptionally good with a black suit. You may also choose these particular sets if you feel they look great with your outfits. Cufflinks’ good thing is that they are very discreet, and no one will notice them unless they want to; it is more of personal achievement.


The ring is hands-down, the most popular form of jewelry that both men and women wear. But women tend to be more open-minded when it comes to rings since they can choose rings with extensions such as diamond emblems or go for more simple designs that do not include any extensional features.

The most popular men’s ring is the wedding ring won by a married man as a sign of union to his wife. The other kind of rings men can wear are achievement rings given to them after they achieve a particular goal, for instance, a championship ring for a basketball player.

Nose rings

This is perhaps not the most common type of jewelry a man should wear, but it picks up just as fast in the current times. Men from different cultures are now picking up this habit for personal reasons, but mostly to make a fashionable statement. Yet again, nose rings come in various forms and shapes and can fit in anyone’s preferences as they wish.


As seen, men can also look good in jewelry. Some were them as part of the outfits well some with them to make a fashionable statement. It simply all boils down to what you want and what you feel comfortable in. Men’s jewelry is also just as expensive as women’s jewelry because they are sporadic. All in all, a man looks elegant and well put together if they have one or all of the jewelry pieces mentioned above. So much so, the next time you’re stuck on what to get your boyfriend, father, or son, now you have a list of things that you can potentially get them, and they will love them.

In conclusion, Jewellery is a man’s and woman’s treasure that looks divine and serves a greater purpose than just looking great. Some, as seen, are functional too and add so much character to an outfit. That said, every man should have them.

John R. Wright
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