When WordPress Is Not WordPress

There isn’t any doubt that WordPress is the pre-eminent running a blog platform and content material control gadget with over 50% of the installed base. What many humans do now not realize, however, is that WordPress is a high-quality platform for the development of business websites as properly.

WordPress is the Perfect Platform for Small Business Websites


There is a range of motives for this statement.

WordPress is straightforward to use – each for the developer and the website proprietor
WordPress has many superb built-in features that make it the great and maximum famous content management machine
WordPress is an open-source undertaking. This means that it continues to gain input from programmers all over the globe.

WordPress can not be excessive-jacked by using one huge corporate for his or her own gain
A massive and growing number of plugins, both loose and premium, exist for Word Press
WordPress may be very friendly to search engine marketing (Search Engine Optimisation)
WordPress tendencies are generally quick and cheaper
WordPress skilled builders have become more ready to be had in the marketplace, so you are not locked into a single supplier
There are many more reasons for selecting WordPress as your development platform as nicely; however, the principal ones are protected right here.

So When and Why Is WordPress Not WordPress?

WordPress development is a straightforward manner for those who recognize what they’re doing. You construct a WordPress topic that includes HTML (hypertextual content markup language), CSS (cascading stylesheets), PHP (personal home page) scripting language, and a smattering of Javascript in a layer above WordPress. In truth, even though those that have spent any quantity of time running with WordPress recognize some distance higher approaches to deliver a much quicker and ways greater reliable give up a product. These days you can locate many free WordPress issues on the Internet. Some are appropriate. Most are average, many are rubbish, and a few are downright dangerous. Most human beings that broaden WordPress commenced hacking someone else’s topic and then building their own themes. It is a right of passage for WordPress developers even though a miles better way to construct WordPress websites has been introduced in the remaining couple of years.


The WordPress Theme Framework


The WordPress subject matter framework inserts some other layer among the daily developer and WordPress. First, WordPress is then a discern topic and then the kid topic (see diagram to the right). The parent subject is typically developed by a consultant WordPress development residence that includes seriously smart and experienced WordPress builders. This parent topic is tasked with interfacing at once with WordPress so, whilst a major release of WordPress takes place (takes place at the least once in keeping with a year in recent times), the guys have already made positive the figure them works with the new version of WordPress.

As lengthy as folks who are growing the child themes observe the guidelines set out with the aid of the theme framework, we will have a hundred% self-belief that upgrading to the state-of-the-art and greatest version of WordPress will now not make our web site fall over for an unknown (and often extremely difficult to become aware of) cause. Using a subject framework additionally extensively reduces the development time for WordPress tasks. Yes, it is greater difficult to broaden a child’s subject matter surroundings to begin with. Still, once you already know the rules and have mastered the code, then you could see an entire beautifully purposeful and super-looking website in a completely brief time period.

So the blessings of the usage of a WordPress theme framework are as follows:

A much higher level of reliability for the web sites you expand
Faster improvement time
Less specific code – additionally method lots higher tiers of reliability
Greater flexibility (after you understand the rules)
More consistency inside the completed product
High ranges of re-usable code
Access to the notable resources within the subject matter framework supplier’s forums
It bit of a ‘no brainer’ simply. Better, faster, extra reliable effects for less effort. Ask your developer if they’re the usage of WordPress. If they are no longer, then ask them why no longer? If they’re using WordPress, then ask them if they’re using a subject matter framework? It ought to make some differences to the long-run reliability of your website.

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