Top 5 Backpacking Tours and Activities in Cusco, South America

White Water Rafting:

Rafting is one of the most hardcore, intense sports activities you could enjoy. There is nothing just like the rush you get while going down a river in a small plastic boat, while rocks, waves, and streams throw you back and forth at a completely excessive speed. All although it can appear pretty horrifying and threatening, the guide on your both has superb control over each boat and your security. However, you can not anticipate staying dry! Experience an unforgettable day rafting in the level 4 and 5 (of maximum 5) rivers in Cusco

Inca Trail:

South America

Hiking the Inca path is probably the most famous tour for backpackers in South America. The three or four-day trek inside the Alps will take you to some of the best nature and Inca ruins in Peru. The trek ends with an excellent end; Machu Picchu. Even even though the trek can be hard, that is still the most suitable way to build up your expectancies for Machu Picchu. During the trek, you’ll additionally have guided so that they will guide, prepare dinner and help you along with your bags. Don’t pass over out on one of the most famous treks within the globe!


A bungee jump uses many taken into consideration the scariest aspect you can do, some distance worse than each sky-diving and paragliding. Cusco’s personal Bungee jump is one of the top five maximum bungees in America. The Bungee is 122 meters high, placed in a lovely valley just 10 mins out of Cusco. In addition to the Bungee Additionally, they have a global-first bungee jump called “The Superman.” This time, you may be left strapped to the ground at the same time as the elastic is slowly tightened earlier than you get shot off in an insane accelerate within the air! The Bungees in Cusco is a have attempted for everybody Backpacking South America!



Renting a motorcycle is one of the best approaches to discover Cusco and the valleys around. Take an experience on the limited-access highway and feel the liberty of a motorbike at the same time as you pass round to the famous Inca ruins, Pisac, Urubamba, and plenty of more. Don’t have a license? Don’t worry. This is Peru; a license is not wanted. However, driving a motor-motorcycle may be dangerous, especially on the Peruvian roads! Follow ordinary traffic rules and go together with someone who knows how to trip a motorbike! You also can lease publications to go together with you the complete day!


Cusco is one of the pleasant party cities in all of South America. Hostels are loopy, night golf equipment is crazy, and those are loopy! The nighttime golf equipment is open each nighttime and does no longer near till the early morning hours.

The opposition among the nighttime golf equipment is severe, so make certain to choose up as a minimum considered one of the numerous free drinks you are offered outdoors within the essential rectangular. During a pub, move slow; you can effortlessly pick up 10-12 loose liquids each nine.

Why Choose A Minibus For Tours And Excursions
Tourists needing well-deliberate tours have their selection of shipping from cabs, public buses, and trams. But for a prepared, secure enjoy, minibus offerings are a higher preference. Why’s that, you could ask, considering cabs are fast and trams and buses, reasonably-priced. Read on to find out.

Minibusses are larger than vans but smaller than industrial buses. They have an intimacy; it truly is simply right, now not too private but enough to begin a communication with strangers and make new pals. Being small, they accommodate around 8 passengers. Larger models can go up to 20 people; how v, er if this is the case, it is probably wiser to hire a giant bus.


Standard buses are large, and it is difficult getting around in a hectic town with site visitors. What when you have to make a stop, but there’s no parking space or the car’s too huge to enter a spot? With a minibus, these issues are minimized, and getting around a city is made less complicated.

Minibus offerings have dedicated chauffeurs who’re courteous, nicely-educated, and recognize their manner around locations. Some offerings also arrange excursions, so if you think what the satisfactory traveler spots are, you may make inquiries for a trouble-loose tour. The equal may be accomplished for excursions whether or not it is a workplace, faculty, or church it’s planning them.

Today’s minibusses are outfitted with consolation. Air conditioning is standard, shipment space is masses, and safety is given priority. Elderly passengers and children (child safety seats are common to be had on request, as are ramps for wheelchairs) can journey in consolation without fear of untrained or impolite drivers and high pace.

Minibusses are a low-cost desire, mainly when touring in a group. Taxis can be smaller and capable of dart thru slim alleys, but they’re expensive, run on a meter, and don’t offer reductions in case you’re in a group. On the other hand, Minibus services usually reduce down rates if booked for the complete day and whilst journeying in a group.

Insurance coverage is some other gain. Most offerings are insured, so you might not fear approximately clinical payments in the event of accidents. What is commonly now not included is baggage, so passengers are liable for their belongings.

Hiring guidelines:

Customers seeking out a pressure-unfastened minibus experience ought to maintain a few matters in their thoughts.

• Finalize the finances so that you aren’t given an unpleasant marvel when billed. Try to tour in a collection to avail possible discounts. It’s more fun traveling together with your friends too!

• Set a day or half a day apart to make full use of the service. Ask for excursion packages in case you aren’t sure wherein to travel. A set plan will not best yield more pride but price much less as there won’t be aimless use.

• People with disabilities who’ve trouble walking may additionally want a ramp and could want a place to shop their wheelchairs. Combined with luggage, you may want enough shipment area. Ask the service how big it’s miles and whether luggage is covered underneath insurance.

• Choose a reputable provider even if it is a bit pricy. Reputation counts because your protection is within the fingers of the business enterprise. A provider that has been inside the marketplace for years instead of months is aware of what to anticipate and how to deliver its service in return for patron satisfaction.

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