Thane vs. Navi Mumbai: Where should you invest?

Thane and Navi Mumbai are two of the best locations in Mumbai for home buyers. These localities have something unique to offer and can be the perfect abode for you and your family. Moreover, affordable home loan interest rates have also become a lot easier to purchase a home here for most people.

Thane vs. Navi Mumbai

Here are some things you can expect from these two localities. Based on this information, you can opt for a house in the area of your choice and accordingly apply for a home loan.

Thane vs. Navi Mumbai

Points of differenceThaneNavi Mumbai
ConnectivityThane offers good connectivity to the rest of the city. You can take the Mumbai Metro Line 4 from Wadala to Kasarvadavli in Thane and avoid the busy roads of Mumbai economically and safely.Navi Mumbai is also well connected to other parts of Mumbai. It is connected to the Western and Central Railway. You can also take a local train to Kurla and Andheri from Navi Mumbai.
PriceThane is undergoing a lot of commercial and residential construction, so that the prices may be on the rise at this time. However, you can apply for a home loan and purchase a house in some of the best residential estates of Thane with ease.Navi Mumbai also sees a hike in real estate costs, especially after the announcement of the Navi Mumbai International Airport. However, you can use a home loan EMI calculator to determine and apply for a suitable loan amount and purchase a house here in a quick and hassle-free manner.
AreaThane can offer you the beauty and functionality of wide roads, less traffic, and low congestion, also well-maintained and clean areas. This can be an excellent place for all types of families.Navi Mumbai also makes for an excellent residential area as it is very well planned. There is also a Special Economic Zone that covers 13000 hectares. So, it can be a great place to look for work opportunities.
Return on investmentNew metro routes and rising commercial construction in the area have contributed to a real estate price rise in Thane. These new developments may increase land value further and offer a return on your investments. The likely future growth prospects combined with affordable home loan interest rates can provide you with a good deal.Projects like the Navi Mumbai International Airport, the Navi Mumbai Metro Rail, and the Trans Harbour Link Road have increased the appeal of this area. The Special Economic Zone also allures people and increases the demand for houses in this area. Taking a home loan to invest here may be beneficial in the long term.

To sum it up

Both these areas have their charm. Moreover, both localities also offer many residential and commercial plots suitable for different budgets, needs, and investment purposes. Regardless of what you choose, make sure to use a home loan EMI calculator to determine your loan requirement and tenure for a hassle-free experience.

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