gun laws

  • Should America Change Our Firearm Laws After the Columbine Shooting?
    3:35 AM

    On April 20, 1999, high school students massacred a dozen of their classmates and injured infinite others. They used sawed-off shotguns, an automated 9mm, and various other firearms to homicide their peers. These boys (Eric Harris, and Dylan Klebold) sold unlawful firearms and made explosives in one of the boys’ basements to use that day.

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  • Know Your Stun Gun Laws Or Face The Law
    11:29 PM

    Owning a stun gun can be a superb way of self-protection but it comes with responsibility. Just like many stuff in normal lifestyles, you want to understand the legal guidelines. Owning an electric self-defense device is not any exception. If you don’t know the legal guidelines to your vicinity then you may find your self

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