Samsung Smooth Pre-Paid From Verizon

I currently bought a Yarlesac  Samsung Smooth pre-paid cellphone from Verizon. I did so after a selection of studies on pre-paid wi-fi plans and understanding two other humans that had purchased this same phone previous to me. This assessment will examine matters. First I will inform of my revel in with the actual smartphone itself, and then I will speak the Verizon pre-paid carrier.

I selected the Samsung Smooth for 2 primary motives. One have become the rate. I was in a position to shop for the mobile phone for just over $20.00 at Wal-Mart. After getting to know different pre-paid cellular cellular telephone costs, none of them I located had been as cheap due to the Smooth. The 2d motive have become due to the fact I knew humans that had moreover presently sold the Smooth. They did now not file any troubles to me with the phone, so with that and the fee, I determined to buy it.


My first have an impact on of the phone itself became not too terrible. I appreciated the fact that it covered a digital digicam and the development, even though seemingly reasonably-priced, appears to be fairly durable. The digital camera itself takes a super photograph. I modified into pleasantly surprised with this factor for a cellular phone that costs so little. On the downside, the telephone does no longer have many bells and whistles past the digital camera. But that must be predicted for a smartphone at this rate. Overall the phone, to begin with, appeared to be a awesome deal for what you pay. The reception turned into now not as well as I turned into given on different Verizon phones I had inside the beyond as a settlement purchaser, but Verizon states which you are not the usage of all the towers they’ve got to be had like an settlement client both. The cellular telephone moreover comes with a $10.00 account credit score this is added to the account upon be part of up. So you do not always ought to buy every other minute to apply the cellular phone right away.


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After having the telephone for a hint much less than in keeping with week I ran into a massive trouble. As I went to reply to a text message, the telephone reset itself. When the phone came decrease again on it changed into sincerely in Spanish. I tried to reset the language function on the telephone, however, changed into denied access to accomplish that. I then attempted to reset the cellphone to factory settings, however all over again have become denied get proper of access to. It became then that I attempted to call Verizon customer service and placed that I modified into unable to even make a phone call. I notion for a minute after which tried to deliver a text message, however over again the cellphone failed to feature nicely and didn’t send. I ultimately were given every other smartphone to call Verizon customer support on and turned into informed to take my phone to the nearby Verizon save and allow them to try to reset it there. I did so, however, the courteous people at Verizon were no longer able to reset it as well. The lady that became helping me then immediately commenced out doing the essential registration to have a new Samsung Smooth sent to my residence by using way of day Fed-Ex. I will say that neither of the 2 human beings that I understand has had any issues with their telephones.

As for the Verizon pre-paid issuer, I had been happy with it thus far. As I already said they quick took care of my trouble with my cell phone with out a fuss. The installation online of my account have become rapid and smooth. You can get entry to all the wonderful additives of your account online and effects make modifications on your plan and add minutes both through the use of a pre-paid card or by way of credit card. You can also exchange the phone you are the use of via manner of really entering in a contemporary EIN huge range on-line. I did this with an old Verizon cellphone I had from as soon as I used them as an agreement patron. I am now not nice if it’ll receive any and every sort of Verizon phone, but, it did an ENV 2. After coming into the EIN extensive range and filing online, I merely had to dial *228 and then software and update my roaming abilties at the cellular phone itself and I another time was in a business organization.

The plan I opted for changed into the Core Plan which expenses you a.Ninety 9 cents normal utilization charge. By calling each person or accepting an incoming name you are charged the.Ninety-9 cent price and it’s going to robotically be deducted out of your account balance. On the times you do now not use the cellphone you’re charged nothing. With the Core Plan you have got infinite Verizon cell to mobile mins at the times you use the mobile phone for phone calls and are charged .10 cent consistent with a minute for every other call. I moreover opted to add the $20.00 texting plan, which incorporates infinite texts for a month to each different cellular phone user. Here is wherein Verizon wishes to be extra particular in their phrases and agreements. Verizon specifies that instant messages, as in Yahoo and MSN, also are included inside the endless text plan. The misleading aspect to this for me modified into that the Samsung Smooth come to be indexed as being chat a hit. To me, this meant being capable of use Yahoo immediate messenger, however I located out it supposed that you can “chat” via textual content messaging or by the use of the phones net browser which costs a in addition.Ninety nine cents a day to apply on pre-paid. Verizon does sell at least one pre-paid cellphone this is able to the usage of IM offerings to my expertise and this is the Blitz. My ENV 2 has the IM function, but after I attempted to get right of entry to it I changed into informed the provider grow to be unavailable to pre-paid customers. When I contacted Verizon via email on their net website online, I have become recognized that the ENV 2 uses IM 3.Zero and it isn’t usable by way of pre-paid customers. I am no longer positive what model is at this point if the Blitz is able to the use of this feature. One difficulty to study despite the fact that is that you are not charged a day by day get right of entry to charge to textual content in case you select both of the texting plans provided with the aid of Verizon. You additionally may additionally have get right of entry to to the textual content function and capacity to send textual content messages for the entire month you have got were given paid for the company, even if your account balance drops to 0 and you can now not make a call. This end up a massive plus in my choice to include the textual content plan on my pre-paid smartphone. If you do now not choose one of the textual content plans you are charged a consistent with textual content charge which is predicated upon which plan you select. You are nevertheless now not charged the each day utilization price to textual content, merely the consistent with text charge.




With all matters stated and completed I would despite the fact that recommend anybody try the Samsung Smooth phone with Verizon pre-paid. I experience as even though what took place with mine become a fluke, being now not only the two humans I cited earlier than having no problems however adds an additional man or woman that bought the phone after me having no issues. I do no longer assume you may find out a better deal to be had as an extended manner as for charge close to a digital camera cellular phone. Also, in case you do have problems you need to be able to take your telephone to any Verizon retail keep and get amazing results in solving your troubles. Verizon may not be the most inexpensive provider, but, they make up for it in reliability in insurance and customer service in my view.