Nokia 808 PureView With 41mp Camera and Much More

The present-day buzz doing rounds inside the generation market is ready Nokia 808 PureView. Even although this product has a Symbian primarily based platform but it does provide the consumer with precise camera excellent, sound and first-rate battery existence. However, these are not the best reasons to purchase this product there are tons greater. Let us find out what is it about Nokia 808 PureView as a way to attract the user to purchase this mobile.

Look and feel

nokia-808-pureview-the-phone-1.jpg (1400×1050)

The appearance and sense of Nokia 808 PureView gives the sensation of a candy bar shape while you maintain it inside the hand, motive, the higher form of the handset is thick and the lower element is a bit lanky. Weighing at 169 gms and 14 inches of thickness, this handset is relatively thicker than the Google Smartphone is. The edges are rounded on the corners giving it a respectable appearance. Overall, it appears a robust tool whilst you maintain it within the palm of your hand.


The resolution of this handset is that of 360by640 that’s instead disappointing with regards to evaluating it with different Smartphone within the marketplace. This results in unimpressive visuals perhaps the purpose why the decision is stored low has something to do with accommodating a most wide variety of apps for Symbian. Bottom of the phone is a strip that incorporates a couple of buttons from right here the user can get right of entry to the basic capability easily.

Port facility and other functions

Audio port of 3.5mm is located at the pinnacle an HDMI port is also to be had with USB 2.0 port. The HDMI port is within a protecting overlaying to prevent dust accumulation. All the function buttons are located on the proper hand aspect of the tool, that consists of volume, digital camera, and display lock buttons. If you’re on a lookout for audio recording then the outcomes may be right as the microphone is sensitively located at the topmost of the device to facilitate smooth recording. Additionally, the microphone consists of a wealthy recording characteristic that allows in recording clean sound sans voice distortion or historical past noise distraction.

The bottom of the handset consists of matt ends protective battery cover that has the capability of self-lock. This makes it clean to grip and cope with. The standard look and feel of the phone are decent and the handset is simple to maintain.

Camera functionality

Image Capture

This is probably the high-quality function that a smartphone can ever have, a huge forty-one mp digicam enabled with Carl Zeiss technology and powered with Xenon flash mild. This is indeed is greater like a digital camera with a cellphone. However, a permit is awareness upon the statistics as opposed to what’s greater obvious to the eye, the user can surely shoot a 38 or 34 mp photograph decision through this digital camera. The era in the back of this digital camera is that of Carl Zeiss with 5layers of glass to help seize hi-excellent images. Therefore, ordinary it’s miles extra like an image sensor than a real digicam to be particularly technically.

highres-NokiaPureView808LensRear_1338064989.jpg (3617×2299)

The pics shot thru this 41mp digital camera or photo sensor will be a visible treat, natural existence like coloration and clear snapshots. Shooting in dim mild or bad mild is now pretty less difficult because the Xenon flash is available in accessible to assist seize pictures when the lighting fixtures situations are not favorable.

Video recording

As ways as video recording is worried, you may effortlessly capture 30frames/second with HD pleasant (1080p) together with the characteristic of 4x zoom for video recording. Just manually tap at the digicam to enable the functionality of awareness towards the sensor. You will discover 3 primary functionalities like creative, automatic and scenes.

Creative offers the freedom to make settings as required; this consists of sharpness, first-rate, coloration tones, modes, issue ratio, saturation, and evaluation and photo decision.

The OS of Nokia includes Belle function packs, this is just like Symbian code with some tweaks and some added features. FP1 (Belle) is a superb replace in particular for users who already have Symbian powered device. The simplest disadvantage it appears to have is that of sixteen-bit snapshots.

If you are the usage of the cellular surfing then you’ll be upset by means of the slow performance. The functionalities of pinch and zoom aren’t nicely supported. To be capable of enjoying right browsing you will require installing Opera Mobile or Mini, this will assist you to get via with fundamental browsing thru cellular. As far as apps are involved with 512MB those are instead sluggish in loading.

Multimedia capability

When it comes to the multimedia capability, the overall performance of this telephone isn’t always any better than the predecessor. The tune player is right in each the modes (panorama and portrait). The panorama mode has greater capability to offer together with the album test. You can effortlessly keep tune and motion pictures with its 16GB reminiscence. Nokia 808 PureView is supportive of virtually all the audio formats, so, now you want no longer fear approximately record conversion.

The sound high-quality is that of DDP (Dolby Digital Plus) and Dolby Headphone that offers notable sound great. Club to it the technology of lively noise cancellation that makes it more of a portable tune tool. You might be amazed by the ability to playback at most 720p and 1080pHD movies without problems.

For all individuals who love paying attention to FM with RDS could be more than satisfied with the technical aspects and the potential to deliver clear sound and Dolby tune output. Of direction, you may nevertheless want to plug in Dolby enabled headphones for experiencing the equal. Flicking amongst stations is easy with simple finger contact. The person will also be able to make settings to tweak radio playback to permit precise best. On the bonus, you will be amazed to discover an app for enabling connection to numerous other gadgets which will circulate content.

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The Audio recording is made clean by using the Recorder app to revel in hello-pleasant audio. This will come in reachable for college students who’re worried in journalism or for folks that are more tech-savvy in relation to recording lectures.

Listening to audio via speaker positioned at the backside of the handset is exceptional. The sound is obvious and loud mainly whilst you permit the capability of the speaker. Therefore, now you can easily put on the speaker functionality for taking note of loud music or turn it on to get the feel of owning a tracking tool.

Nokia is thought to offer top battery backup for all its gadgets; same may be said for Nokia 808 PureView. The strategy of putting an ARM11 structure processor, amazingly this works and you may be capable of life on 1 ½ day without having to charge the tool (1400 mAh Li-ion 5.3Wh battery). Nevertheless, if you are recording HD movies then the output can be someplace around 5 hours of battery time. You want to consider to show off the WiFi whilst now not in use as this phone too like other gadgets devour battery with useless apps and programs running for longer without getting used.