How Smoking Impacts Your Health Insurance Policy

It’s a famous fact that smoking reasons a detrimental effect on your health. You must have visible the warning message on all cigarette packing containers – ‘Smoking is injurious to health.’ Smoking tobacco is a root reason for 30% of all most cancer deaths and reasons 16 instances better hazard a heart attack.


There are nearly one hundred twenty million people who smoke in India. According to World Health Organization, India accommodates around 12% of the sector’s smoking populace. The variety of men smoking tobacco has elevated from seventy-eight million in 12 months 1998 to 108 million in the 12 months 2015. Tobacco consumption is accountable for the deaths of 6 million humans every year. Direct tobacco intake accounts for over five million deaths, and 0.6 million deaths are due to publicity to second-hand smoke. Considering critical public health risks, the Government has banned smoking in public places from second October 2008.

Not best your health, it additionally causes you to pay better premiums for health insurance coverage because of extended health dangers and shorter life expectancy. A nonsmoker, however, gets top-class reductions as a reward to steer a healthful way of life. Being a smoker, it is recommended not to hide your smoking dependancy from your health insurance enterprise because it helps you cowl up smoking-associated fitness problems.


There is a huge interest among people, how smoking impacts medical health insurance and its cost. Let’s train yourself about smoking and its impact on medical health insurance coverage.

Smoking – What It Includes

Smoking consists of inhalation of the smoke of burning tobacco in the shape of cigarettes, cigars, and beedi. Whether you’re an occasional smoker or frequent smoker, you’ll be considered a smoker underneath the health insurance coverage.

Smokers should purchase medical health insurance. However, a coverage employer might also fee greater top class or reject your utility for coverage, relying on the number of cigarettes you smoke regularly. A smoker might also need to undergo extra health check-u.S.That can help a coverage employer check the hazard thing, after which fee the premium amount as a consequence.

How Smoking Affects Your Health and Insurance Premium

Smoking makes a severe impact on your fitness; some of them are unique beneath.

Circulatory System: Smoking results in extended threat within the heartache and blood strain. The building up of fatty acids ought to ensue atherosclerosis.

Immune System: Smoking results in severe and long-lasting ailments. Smokers are extra liable to broaden ulcers, most cancers, pneumonia, high blood pressure, bronchitis, and different viral/bacterial/fungal infections.

Respiratory System: Smoking may also harm lung features and breathlessness. It may also harm the lungs’ air sacs, expanded the risk of developing persistent bronchitis.

Oral Health: Smoking can cause teeth loss, teeth staining, gum disorder which may additionally growth the risk of enamel decay.

Cancer: Smoking for a long time additionally reasons most cancers to numerous body organs.

When it involves a health insurance policy, a coverage corporation considers the value of ailments and deaths from smoking. That is why people who smoke want to pay higher charges to avail medical health insurance cover. Typically, the coverage companies price around 15 to 20 percent higher than a smoker policyholder. Those who smoke might want to go through extra scientific tests before the insurer problems you with the coverage.

Let’s recognize the distinction of top-rate between a smoker and non-smoker individual.

Ritesh (non-smoker), at 30 years of age, buys a character health plan with Rs five Lacs coverage for 1 12 months coverage time period; the chargeable annual premium quantity is Rs four,656. However, Raj (smoker) is shopping for an individual fitness plan; he is charged with an annual top class amount of Rs 7,552. A boom in premium quantity is most effective because Ansh lies in the smoker class of premium. We can see Raj is paying Rs 2896 extra due to smoking.

Smoker with Existing Health Problems


Suppose you’re a common smoker that has induced the signs and symptoms of the declining fitness circumstance and gets at a loss for words; you can get medical health insurance. The answer is yes; the only component required is to make honest and right disclosures.

The insurance company will then verify the hazard associated with your profile. They decide on terms & situations and the top rate to be charged for offering you a health cover. The premiums charged can be higher, and a waiting length might be carried out for masking your pre-current diseases. Moreover, if you search for direct coverage on your deteriorating fitness situation, you may go for important illness coverage.


Smoking makes a damaging impact on your health and your medical health insurance policy as properly. An insurance agency will charge you a higher premium in percentage to the hazard associated with presenting a health cowl. An important factor to observe which you need to divulge all relevant statistics regarding your health and smoking behavior. In case you are located hiding or presenting faux facts, the coverage organization may additionally decline in settling the claims.

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