Consider The Terrorist Threat To U.S. Markets & Your Portfolio

There have been tons of hypotheses and dialogue regarding the destiny risk of terrorist assaults with weapons of mass destruction against Israel, Western Europe, and the USA. If terrorist organizations have guns of mass destruction, we should study all of the ability objectives of opportunity for an attack and the provision of these guns.

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The traditional information media and our political leaders have been much less than forthcoming in this issue, either to keep away from a public panic or government direction. Nevertheless, this query still must be requested. The Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on Washington and New York turned into an operation that took years of planning and became honestly no longer a one-time strike on America. Although Washington’s big reaction in Afghanistan and Iraq and towards terrorist cells worldwide does appear to have caught our enemies off defend, this reprieve will no longer close all the time. Eventually, they will react with a massive counter assault designed for optimum public effect, U.S. Humiliation, and monetary destruction.

To decide the target, we should first explore the probably dreams of the anti-Western players in this war. While they can not desire to break the US as the arena’s simplest closing superpower, they’re manifestly inquisitive about changing all the present “moderate” Arab governments with fundamentalist, Islamic regimes. Their lengthy-term goal is to topple the prevailing governments of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, the Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Turkey, and replace them with fundamentalist Islamic governments, which might be anti-American and cooperate in destroying the kingdom of Israel.

Neither Israel Nor Most of Europe Is A Probable Target

The Islamic fundamentalist aims to unite the Muslims globally. Therefore, it’s miles unlikely that they could pursue a nuclear, organic, or chemical attack against Israel. There have become a few difficulties that Saddam might release remoted assaults towards Israel while invaded via the U.S… However, this did now not show up. Our intelligence turned out to be absolutely wrong about his army abilities. Still, I consider there is little risk of a mass, unilateral attack in opposition to Israel through Arab terrorists for the subsequent reasons:

Once they achieve the functionality, a weapon of mass destruction assault against Israel would kill many masses of lots of Palestinians by way of its very nature. This would hurt the help for their motive from other Arab countries and peoples. Moreover, an attack right here would, in all likelihood, wreck or render unusable the Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem and at the West Bank. Killing a huge variety of the Jews in Israel, together with the Palestinians, is too excessive of a price to be paid for Israel’s immediate destruction. Plus, an assault towards Israel would be counter-effective because of Israel’s nuclear arsenal and said intentions. Every Arab terrorist leader is aware that if guns of mass destruction are used in opposition to Israel, and they go through a huge lack of lives or are even defeated, then no nation in the Middle East will keep away from a final Doomsday assault with overall annihilation and ultimate destruction with the aid of nuclear weapons.

The opportune terrorist goal, in reality, isn’t Western Europe, except the UK and the opposite few ultimate European supporters of American foreign policy. Most of Europe is on the sidelines within the contemporary war and because of oil or geopolitical issues frequently aspect with the Arab states regarding America’s Middle East rules. Therefore, except for London, I no longer feel Europe is vulnerable to a terrorist weapon of mass destruction attack.

Washington DC Is Not the Prime Target

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The number one goal of possibility isn’t Washington D.C. Either. Although domestic to many army installations and commands, national intelligence, and loads of hundreds of politicians, lobbyists, and bureaucrats, America’s navy may and skills are ways too large around the sector for an attack on Washington to cripple our navy. If that, they had the approach to hit goals in the U.S. At the same time as guns of mass destruction, Washington will be the shared goal. However, this is not likely.

The USA militia’s army electricity is such that terrorists could have little impact on our capability to wage conflict and retribution in the occasion of an assault. Yes, they may target Washington. Yes, they could ruin perhaps a plane carrier assignment pressure. Certainly, they might conceivably deliver a quick-time period tactical defeat in opposition to us if we proceed to occupy extra nations inside the Middle East. Still, they can’t desire to defeat us as military energy. As the Japanese found out with their attack on Pearl Harbor, and as bin Laden observed out after the 11th of September, it is not a sensible course of action to initiate the US when we will goal the enemy.

It is time to talk about a completely taboo difficulty inside the establishment press.

What is the following likely goal of Osama bin Laden or other Islamic militant terrorists here in the United States? We have heard again and again that they centered the World Trade Center because this construction becomes the symbol of American electricity, delight, and capitalism. My first query is why the World Trade Center in New York City, and no longer the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty? What about the U.S. Capitol Building, the Washington Monument, the White House, the Super Dome full of spectators, or San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge? Why did they no longer wait for the Salt Lake City Olympics broadcast on international-huge television or bide their time until a countrywide political conference wherein they could have taken out half the leading politicians of the Democrat or Republican Parties?

Why did Muslim terrorists two times goal the World Trade Center? Surprisingly, with all the news articles, TV speaking heads at the nightly packages, and politicians’ pronouncements, there has been little dialogue on why this unique target became selected certainly others. Have you considered maybe there may be a cause for the code of silence and blackout on all such discussions?

What if our politicians, Wall Street, and the media fear the real purpose for the terrorist concentrated on the World Trade Center Towers. Still, our established order has determined not to move public and disclose the threat for worry of public and economic panic? Shouldn’t we recognize that the citizens of New York City, mainly the ones working within the financial district, can choose any destiny hazard for themselves? What approximately American investors? Is the fear of a market panic or a wholesale withdrawal from the U.S. Markets and the dollar using overseas traders every other purpose why there was little press insurance of the chance?

I worry the actual target of both earlier assaults changed into Wall Street and our monetary system – no longer only a few tall buildings. Could the terrorists had been attempting each time to virtually carry down the World Trade Center towers at the New York Stock Exchange and Wall Street? The solution might be yes. One issue is for sure they had been seeking to disrupt the U.S. Financial system and find out our countermeasures towards this sort of attack.

Those who do not want to discover this hazard will declare that that merely speaks to generate panic. They will say that there may be no danger of terrorist assaults on the monetary markets. They will allege that our economic markets are immovable and invulnerable to such attacks. They will assure you not to worry approximately the terrorist risk on your portfolio, liquidity, and retirement budget. Unfortunately, the experts had been wrong before.

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“Well, don’t worry approximately it…It’s nothing.” — Lt. Kermit Tyler (Duty Officer of Shafter Information Center, Hawaii), upon being informed that Private Joseph Lockard had picked up a radar sign of what regarded to be at the least 50 planes soaring closer to Oahu at nearly one hundred eighty miles in keeping with hour, December 7, 1941

Thanks to the repeated monetary and news channel press reports at some point of the Sept. 11 marketplace closure, the region of the offsite back-up and report structures for Wall Street changed into finding out. I fear that terrorist networks can be in a function with a weapon of mass destruction to wreck the returned-up structures in addition to targeting Wall Street. This might be catastrophic for your investment statistics, liquidity, and portfolio values on the occasion of an attack.

John R. Wright
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